Faculty and staff

Retired McGill faculty and staff enjoy the same borrowing privileges as active faculty and staff.

  Loan period1 Max number of renewals1 Max number of items Overdue fines Recall fines
Books, journals, scores, maps2 Due May 152 unlimited 200 n/a $5.00/day
Audio/video materials Due May 152 unlimited 200 n/a $5.00/day
Course reserves
(includes Library equipment)
3 hours / 1 day / 2 days3 0 3 $0.02/minute4 n/a
Course reserves - audio/video 4 hours 0 3 $0.02/minute4 n/a
Nahum Gelber Law Library Primary Materials Due May 15 unlimited 200 n/a $5.00/day

To borrow items:

  • Use one of our self-check machines using your McGill University ID, or
  • Present your McGill University ID at one of the Library Services Desks.

  1. Subject to recall
  2. Loans will be due May 15 of the following calendar year (e.g. a book borrowed on January 17, 2019 is due May 15, 2020)
  3. Most Music Library equipment loans have a regular borrowing period of two days plus a night (due one hour after opening on the third day from the start of the loan). 
  4. Library fines are calculated 24 hours/day.

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