Code of professional conduct in the classroom

In preparing our students for careers in business, government, and non-profit organizations, it is essential that we strive for the highest levels of professionalism. Central to that objective is the development of a respectful and professional atmosphere in and around the classroom. It is expected that both students and professors will treat each other as well as visitors to the Faculty with respect and consideration. In order to foster such an environment, the following is expected of all parties.

Communal Responsibilities

Classroom Preparation

Students and professors must come to class prepared for that day’s topic and ready to engage themselves.


Both students and professors should arrive before the official start of class, such that the professor then begins class on time. It is the responsibility of the professor to then end class on time, thus not causing students to be late for their next class.


Individuals should be discreet in the bringing of food into the classroom, and it is the responsibility of each person to properly dispose of any waste they may create so as not to detract from the development of a professional atmosphere.

Student Responsibilities


Electronics should only be used in support of the classroom experience. Towards this end, the following policies hold:

  • Cell phones/blackberries should be turned completely “Off” (Using the “Silent” mode is not sufficient). At no time should someone during the course of the class engage in making/receiving phone calls, sending/receiving SMS’s/emails, using cameras, or surfing the internet with such devices.
  • The use of computers is at the discretion of the professor, and should be made clear by him/her. If they are allowed, they should only be used to support that day’s material (i.e., taking notes, using the web as directed by the professor). Checking email, surfing the web for non-class related topics, chatting on the net, or working on other projects are not acceptable forms of behavior.
  • All other forms of electronics (iPods, MP3 players, PDAs, etc.), should also be maintained in the “Off” position.

Newspapers/Other Material

No one should be reading newspapers or other material not related to that day’s class.

Leaving Class

Students should not be walking in and out of class to attend to other matters.

Professor Responsibilities

Class Cancellation

If a professor cancels a class, he/she must reschedule it with proper notice to all students. The Area Coordinator and Associate Dean Academic should be notified of such cancellations.

Returning Assignments

Assuming their assignments are turned in on time, students are entitled to have their coursework returned within a reasonable amount of time and be provided with appropriate feedback.

Final Grade Submission

Professors are required to submit final grades in accordance with university-designated deadlines.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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