Meet our Alumni Ambassadors

Our MBA Alumni Ambassadors are eager to share their perspectives as McGill MBA and PMBA alumni, and to answer your questions about student life at McGill and in Montreal.

Are you a McGill MBA graduate who would like to become an ambassador? Please fill out this form.

All admissions and application-related queries should be directed to mba [at] (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website) .

MBA (Full-time program)

Stephen Alvares

Stephen Alvares MBA'19
Mumbai (India)
LinkedIn | stephen.alvares [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Hindul Bharadwaj MBA'20
Guwahati (India)
LinkedIn | hindul.bharadwaj [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Anastasia Budaeva

Anastasia Budaeva MBA'20
Ulan-Ude (Russia)
LinkedIn | anastasia.budaeva [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Ysa Cao

Ysa Cao MBA'20
Paris (France)
LinkedIn | ysa.cao [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Paulo Caputo

Paulo Caputo MBA'20
Pocos de Caldas (Brazil)
LinkedIn | paulo.caputo [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Julio Castañeda

Julio Castañeda MBA'19
Mexico City (Mexico)
LinkedIn | julio.castanedaescobar [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Margarita Chamorro

Margarita Chamorro MBA'19
Mexico City (Mexico)
LinkedIn | mag.chamorro [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Renzo Chavez Lovon

Renzo Chavez Lovon MBA'20
Lima (Peru)
LinkedIn | renzogabrielchavez [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Mauricio Salomao Czelusniak

Mauricio Czelusniak MBA'20
Curitiba (Brazil)
LinkedIn | mauricio.czelusniak [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Laurence Danis

Laurence Danis MBA'20
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | laurence.danis2 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Stanislas Dumont de Chassart

Stanislas Dumont de Chassart MBA'20
Namur (Belgium)
LinkedIn | stanislas.dumontdechassart [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Devashree Gharat

Devashree Gharat MBA'19
Mumbai (India)
LinkedIn | devashree.gharat.27 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Georges Haddad

Georges Haddad MBA'16
Beirut (Lebanon)
LinkedIn | georges.haddad [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Amelia Hirst MBA'20
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | amelia.hirst [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Intisar Ishtiaq

Intisar Ishtiaq MBA'19
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
LinkedIn | mohammad.ishtiaq [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Param Jhangra MBA'20
New Delhi (India)
LinkedIn | param.jhangra [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Paramesh Krishnamoorthy

Paramesh Krishnamoorthy 
Mumbai (India)
LinkedIn | paramesh.krishnamoorthy [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Mariel Langlois Sanchez

Mariel Langlois MBA'20
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | mariel.langlois [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Kris Manipon

Kris Manipon MBA'19
Calgary (Canada)
LinkedIn | kris.manipon [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Emily (Zijing) Meng

Emily (Zijing) Meng MBA'19
Shanghai (China)
LinkedIn | zijing.meng [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Malay Mishra

Malay Mishra MBA'20
Delhi (India)
LinkedIn | malay.mishra [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

George Oriokot

George Oriokot MBA'20
Kampala (Uganda)
LinkedIn | george.oriokot [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Radhika Rana

Radhika Rana MBA'20
Delhi (India)
LinkedIn | Radhika.rana94 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Olivia Roy

Olivia Roy MBA'20
Pembroke (Canada)
LinkedIn | olivia.roy [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Rana Roy

Rana Roy MBA'20
New Delhi (India)
LinkedIn | rana.roy [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Sleiman Sleiman

Sleiman Sleiman MBA'19
Zahlé (Lebanon)
LinkedIn | sleiman.sleiman [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Anna Trusen

Anna Trusen MBA'19
Stendal (Germany)
LinkedIn | anna.trusen [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Juan Zacarias

Juan Zacarias MBA'19
Lima (Peru)
LinkedIn | juan.zacarias [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Zafer Zeren

Zafer Zeren MBA'19
Istanbul (Turkey)
LinkedIn | zafer.zeren [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

PMBA (Part-time program)

We are currently finalizing the PMBA alumni ambassadors’ section. Please check back later.


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