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Nos ambassadeurs diplômés et ambassadrices diplômées du MBA ont hâte de partager leur point de vue en tant qu’anciens étudiants et étudiantes et de répondre à vos questions sur la vie à l’Université McGill et à Montréal.

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Mohit Arora

Mohit Arora (MBA'19)
Specialization: Analytics
Btech (Chemical Engineering)
Delhi, India
LinkedIn | marora0227 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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The Desautels experience helped me transform my thought process to make it more strategic and steer me in the right direction towards my long term career goal of leading an organization in the healthcare industry.

Sean Coleman

Sean Coleman (MBA'20)
Specialization: Finance
Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Political Science), McGill (2014)
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | seancoleman [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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Desautels provided excellent instruction and mentorship, allowing me to transition from the world of broadcast media to the world of trading. The MBA program sharpened my existing abilities, taught me a variety of new skills, and provided me with a broader, more comprehensive understanding of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed my two years at Desautels. I would not be where I am today without my MBA experience. 

Guilherme Fabiani de Carvalho

Guilherme Fabiani de Carvalho (MBA'19)
Specialization: Strategy and Marketing
Civil Engineering
Sao Paulo, Brazil
LinkedIn | gui.fabiani [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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The McGill MBA helped me grow my network and kept me focused on my next career steps. When you are changing countries, different paths come to mind and leveraging the MBA staff's knowledge, experience and network was very important to have a successful next step post-MBA.


Matias Font

Matias Font (MBA'23)
Specialization: Global Strategy and Leadership
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
LinkedIn | matias.font [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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During the MBA I realized that I wanted to do a career shift where considerations around Sustainability, Strategy, and engineering practices intersect. Therefore, the program expanded my sustainability network, and I organized events with the people I met. Finally, the small size of the cohort helps to increase the impact that I could create, as you get to know your classmates, professors and the faculty staff who are always welcoming.

Jackie Hudspeth

Jackie Hudspeth (MBA'21)
Specializations: Finance, Business Analytics
BFA, Television & Broadcast Journalism (Dodge Film School, Chapman University)
Los Angeles, California
LinkedIn | jacqueline.hudspeth [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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As both a former CEO/Founder of a television production company and a major airline corporate trainer, my professional goals were: 1) a way to connect the dots of my experience in entrepreneurship, leadership and operations/tech; and 2) a way to build a business toolbox with strategy, finance, and analytics frameworks. Desautels gave me that and then some! Through my work with MIINT, I studied venture capital and was able to leverage our alumni network to work for some of the brightest in the industry. From Silicon Valley VC to start-up operations to  start-up advisory right here in Montreal - it’s been a thrilling ride that has pushed my limits, tied together my skill set, and fortified lifelong connections with inspiring business leaders – past, present, and future. Choose the type of people you want to work with and for, keep your moral compass north - the rest will follow.

Christos Lycos

Christos Lycos (MBA'23)
Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)
Montreal, Quebec
LinkedIn | christos.lycos [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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As a fellow alum from McGill University's MBA program, I reflect on my experience with immense pride and gratitude. The program not only equipped me with a globally prestigious degree but also allowed me to form lasting bonds with highly talented individuals who continuously inspire me and shape my professional path. The accessibility of renowned professors in small class settings fostered deep connections and enriched my learning. The program's emphasis on practical components, such as real company consulting projects and global company visits, provided invaluable hands-on experiences that solidified my skills and prepared me for the real world. I am thrilled to share my journey and help prospective students discover the transformative opportunities that await them at McGill.


Jaquelynn Mateluna

Jaquelynn Mateluna (MBA'21)
BScience, Biology
LinkedIn | Email

David Ospino

David Ospino (MBA'23)
Specialization: Finance
Bachelor of Economics
Lima, Peru
LinkedIn | david.ospino [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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My decision to choose Desautels was based on distinct criteria:
Firstly, I assessed prestige. Desautels holds a global reputation that transcends Canada's borders, being part of a renowned university with an extensive alumni network. This network's value is evident in my networking experiences.
Secondly, I examined Canada's need for global talent and Montreal's growing economy. While other countries offer enticing programs, their post-master's value is often compromised by limited opportunities.
Thirdly, I conducted a budget analysis, comparing Desautels with three top schools (one in Canada, two abroad). Desautels stood out with superior financial flexibility and a promising return.
Lastly, engaging with recruiters, alumni, and the admissions team, I sensed both academic rigor and human warmth that affirmed my choice of Desautels.

Melissa Palumbo

Melissa Palumbo (MBA'21)
Specialization: Strategy & Analytics
Bachelor of Commerce, Finance & International Business
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | melissalpalumbo [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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 I came to Desautels looking to make a career change, and to discover my professional strengths and passions along the way. Throughout my time in the MBA, I had the opportunity to take part in multiple initiatives - including the McGill Not for Profit Consulting Program and the Desautels Graduate Women's Association - that helped me significantly in not only discovering my passion for strategy and organizational design, but that also allowed me to develop my own voice and confidence as a professional.


Meg Pedrick

Meg Pedrick (MBA'19)
BA International Development, French Language and Literature
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | meg.pedrick [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

Kriti Pradhan

Kriti Pradhan (MBA'23)
Specialization: Global Strategy and Leadership
New Delhi, India
LinkedIn | Email

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As my MBA journey has been filled with great learning, personal growth and networking. I particularly enjoyed the strong sense of community we fostered, the small but tight-knit class that enhanced collaborative learning, and the extensive support from career services and faculty. These elements have not only contributed to my academic and professional achievements but have also created a network of friends and colleagues that I cherish and know will continue to be part of my life.

Fasih Ur Rehman

Fasih Ur Rehman (MBA'23)
Specialization: Marketing
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Accounting & Finance
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
LinkedIn | fasih.rehman [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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The McGill MBA program was personally, professionally, and academically one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The opportunity to study with a diverse cohort and make cherished friends and connections, the flexibility to sculpt my own degree experience and the priceless advantage of having multiple Co-Ops to get on the job experience in the Canadian market – all three of these factors made the McGill MBA the most beneficial program I could have attended. Having recently graduated I immensely miss the time spent at McGill and would encourage everyone to apply and be part of this amazing experience.


Hosnain Shaikh

Hosnain Shaikh (MBA'21)
Specialization: Finance
Business Administration, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Bangalore, India
LinkedIn | Hasnain.shaikh [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

Beibei Song

Beibei Song (MBA'20)
Specialization: Finance
Jiangsu, China
LinkedIn | [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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 During my MBA, many of my classmates were experts in finance who helped me learn a lot about the industry. I completed my CFA exams during the MBA, which also help a lot attracting recruiters.

Gautam Taneja

Gautam Taneja (MBA'23)
Specialization: Global Strategy and Leadership
Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
Ludhiana, India
LinkedIn | gautam.taneja [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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My experience pursuing an MBA at Desautels was nothing short of transformative. The intensity of the program was matched by the invaluable lessons and unforgettable moments I encountered along the way. The faculty members were not only exceptional educators but also remarkable individuals who genuinely cared about their students' growth and success.
What sets Desautels apart is its unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to tailor their MBA journey according to their interests and goals. From internships to curriculum choices, from extracurricular activities to personal and professional development opportunities, I had the freedom to shape my experience in alignment with my academic and career aspirations.
As an introverted international student, I faced the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone and developing essential social and networking skills in a culture where it wasn't deeply ingrained. Fortunately, the MBA program, faculty, and career coaches were there every step of the way, offering unwavering support and guidance. They helped me overcome my reservations and learning the art of networking, an ongoing learning process that continues to enrich my professional journey.
Above all, I firmly believe that an MBA is not confined to a predefined set of courses; it is a personal voyage of self-discovery and growth. With clarity of purpose and unwavering determination, one can chart his/her own course and achieve their ambitions. The possibilities are limitless if you are willing to seize them.


Costa Tagalakis

Costa Tagalakis (MBA'21)
BComm, Double Major Finance & Accountancy
Montreal, QC
LinkedIn | c.tagalakis [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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My Desautels experience helped me mature and develop new leadership skills, which became useful to me as my career has progressed beyond the role of individual contributor. It also allowed me to extend and build my network (in fact I now work with some of my fellow PMBAs) and gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from prominent business leaders.

Winston Wang

Winston Wang (MBA'20)
Aerospace Engineering
Toronto, Canada
LinkedIn | [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Inquiry) (Email)

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The Desautels MBA was a catalyst for my professional future in three ways. 1. It allowed me to pivot from the manufacturing industry to technology. 2. It helped me build the network and the confidence to become an entrepreneur and start my own company. 3. It has given me an excellent fundamental understanding of financial markets and economics so that I can invest effectively for my future.


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