Experiential component

MBA students have several opportunities to develop practical experience over the summer or in their second year. Students are required to apply, and participate in a selection process for both the internship and international exchange.


Integrating hands-on experience

Building a career calls for both theoretical training and hands-on practice, not to mention developing a wide professional network. The Desautels Faculty of Management offers MBA students the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience through a comprehensive internship program.

Students receive guidance from Career Centre staff and faculty, selecting the field and specific organization that best suits their interests, skills, and career goals. Following a selection process, students begin an internship which will put their classroom learning to use.

Graduate internships are typically undertaken between the first and second year of the MBA program. For a minimum of 10 weeks*, interns work full time on one or more projects, under the supervision of a faculty member or administrator in the host organization. A detailed report completes the internship, summarizing experiences, reflections and professional growth.

(*12 weeks in the case of internships with the Federal government.)

Students can log into the International Student Services website for Information on International Student visa requirements to work off-campus.


A significant element of the MBA program is the wealth of unique backgrounds and career experiences so many of our candidates bring to the classroom. We ensure that personal history and working knowledge serve as fruitful material to complete the MBA.

Students may opt to analyze a specific facet of their professional experience through a practicum. McGill MBA students work under the guidance led by an approved program faculty member, they develop a thorough report exploring an area of graduate-level management theory using their own work experience as the subject. The practicum is intended to ground classroom learning in practical experience, part of our ongoing commitment to integrated management with a focus on personal responsibility.

International exchange program

Through the Partnership in International Management (PIM), McGill students have the opportunity to take part in a range of exchange options around the world. Each member institution of about 30 universities (located in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the Americas) represents the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business administration and management. They are also educational leaders in their geographic region, delivering an MBA or graduate-equivalent degree in management that is globally competitive.

Students participating in these exchanges experience the socio-economic, commercial and cultural contexts of another country while taking courses and earning academic credits.

Consult a list of our exchange partners.

Read through our FAQ if you're interested in going on exchange or coming to Desautels on exchange.