Qingqin Kong, GMSCM'2015"It was not GMSCM program came to me, but I went for this program. Working in the manufacturing industry with a career planning towards supply chain, this program seemed to be the perfect fit. I would like to tag this program fulfilling and fun.

Fulfillments come as: we are taught WHY –now I know that the new product development process in the company which I took for granted is actually supported by a model called Stage-Gate model; we are taught HOW – instead of struggling to financially justify a new project or a new product/business launching, now I know there are tools like NPV, contribution margin, and breakeven units that we can employ; we are unveiled to those top-notch companies and to a world BEYOND – I realized that before questioning the remarks made by the professors, I should have given it a second thought: was it because I was confining myself to the way of working that I was so familiar with? The world is so much bigger and different beyond.

As for the fun part, one could never overvalue it. With our lovely classmates, intriguing professors, and colorful multi-cultural atmosphere, I would like to claim, which is also endorsed by other classmates, that: “GMSCM has become a new way to spend the weekend. ”

—Qingqin Kong, GMSCM'2015,
Senior Operation Specialist

Jie Xu, GMSCM'2015“GMSCM MBA - the double-degree program co-founded by McGill and ZJU makes my dream come true. As a veteran working in supply chain management of manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, this program is definitely great for my career development. It’s a golden opportunity to get the advanced knowledge of manufacturing management and supply chain management. I’m excited back to school after 14 years and ready to rise to the challenge.

After 1 year, my most impressive thing is that all courses are tailored for the manufacturing industry with the excellent professors from McGill and ZJU. The method of teaching is diversified, which includes theory, case study, group discussion and presentation etc., Also the program regularly arrange seminars that invite senior managers from multinational companies to share the experience with us, which greatly widen my horizon. In addition, business site visit provides me a good opportunity to learn the best practice. Very glad to be a member of GMSCM 2015, I can’t wait to graduate and ride on the crest of success for my future career.”

—Jie Xu, GMSCM'2015,
Commodity Manager, Global Supply Chain, Asia Pacific
Husky Injection Molding Systems (Shanghai) Ltd.

Qian Lai, GMSCM'2017"During the past one decade of the work in procurement area, I feel get into a bottleneck phase, in order to extend the future career path without stuck here, enhance the strength and improve the weakness become very important right now, strength appear working at one particular area with deeply understanding, the weakness more focus on the background include working experience and the education background, for me, the education background looks need to be improved at the high priority, so MBA is the idea to strives to meet the target.

Following to select the school, my target is very clear: 1) international vision, can access the different training model with diversity of view and opinions; 2) can well combine with my current job, to help me with comprehensive knowledge, practiced and summarized in systematically way; 3) part time and cost-effective. After the target has been set up, I have carefully reviewed and compared all the University near Shanghai, The GMSCM program from Zhe Jiang University ticked all the boxes and I was happy part of the student. Global manufacturing and supply chain direction can help me systematically to learn all the supply chain related knowledges, half of the professors came from McGill University which acquired the worldwide talents really impressed me a lot.

During the past one semester, professor guided us to review all the issues stand in the global perspective of view, used the systematic theory to complement the knowledge and then the logically simulation to deliver the final result, we all benefits from this constructively development to build the entire knowledge framework. The same purpose brings all the classmate together also encourage /company us with the future long-term journey. I still feel this is the most wisely choice for this program and I am happy to make this happened.”

—Qian Lai, GMSCM'2017,
Procurement Manager - Indirect Materials & Service,
Weidmueller Interface (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd


Peiwei Ji, GMSCM'2016“After many years’ working in the automobile industry, I chose to challenge and perfect myself with something new. The GMSCM program fit me very well. Overall, it is truly fantastic and beyond my expectation. I feel lucky that I did not miss it.

The courses are well organized, and, usually, are delivered in a heuristic way by professors with rigorous attitude of scholarship. Many concepts, tools or theories in different areas, such as NPV, 6 σ, Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, Maslow’s needs hierarchy are all very interesting and helpful to me. The knowledge from the courses has taught me how to observe the world, especially business scenario, from different perspectives: financial, quality, organizational, supply chain as a whole, and etc.

Other than professional knowledge itself, there are two things that I value most. First, the discussions with classmates from various backgrounds are inspiring. You can always learn something new from others. Second, the study experience has cultivated my desire and ability of continuous learning, which is essential for the rest of my life.

GMSCM helped me jump out of what I am familiar with, reshape my knowledge structure and prepare myself for the future. Although it requires great efforts to balance work, family and study, I never regret for it. After all, no pain, no gain.”

—Peiwei Ji, GMSCM'2016,
President Secretary,
Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics) Co., Ltd.

Shun Li, GMSCM'2014“GMSCM is different from other MBA programs, which features manufacturing and supply chain management. ZJU and Mcgill University made a perfect curriculum for this program, which consists of necessary theory models and abundant case studies, so that students can combine theory and reality together.

All the courses are lectured in English, which facilitate students to cultivate international horizon, learn more about the leading edge of this field and build up a broader stage for students’ career. Meanwhile, the fellow students are all young talents from different industries, so communication and sharing with these friends is also an incomparable treasure in my life. In one word, it is fantastic to be one of GMSCM2014, I have gained a lot in the past one year!”

—Shun Li, GMSCM'2014


Yuye Huang, GMSCM'2014“For me, GMSCM means 2.5 years of 3-4 times round trip every month between two cities. Even so, I am deeply attracted by the strict admission requirement and dual degrees. Free from kinds of obstacles, and return to ZJU campus.

Just as expected, we have world-class professors, specialized courses and internationalized assignments. While as unexpected, we are fascinated by every classmates’ excellent quality, for which we admire each other. Unite as one, inspire from each other, study together and stay together. We appreciate the fantastic time of GMSCM.”

—Yuye Huang, GMSCM'2014

Bin Li, GMSCM’2013“After a period of development, both individuals and enterprises encounter the bottleneck of improving ourselves or the life-and death choice. When one day's striving business is over temporarily, whether should we raise our head and ease our confused eyes to see the world around us and think over our work and life?

As for me, one wants to be rooted in the manufacturing industry, the GMSCM program undoubtedly provides a better platform. The courses integrate the strengths of two universities and countries and include the manufacturing and supply chain courses based on the globalization, moreover, they are deeply rooted in local life and give full play to the advantages of emerging markets. The most pleasant thing for me, of course, is to know a group of classmates full of vigor, vitality, passion and we promote each other's work and grow together in class discussion, enterprise visits and life experience here can make my life more meaningful and lead my business to success.”

—Bin Li, GMSCM’2013

George Manske, GMSCM'2013“On the GMSCM program I was able to understand several aspects on the manufacturing management that I was not aware before. Being a program between two Universities in very distinct environments the insights from both sides in the class discussions really add to the learning process.

As a supplier development engineer in China, the program helps me a lot with my work and now I am able to launch projects in a much faster and effective way in China. I am able to understand better the suppliers in China due to our discussions in class and apply tools that we learned in their process. The different cultures and industries that the professors and students come from make the classes very interesting and the learning process very enjoyable.”

—George Manske, GMSCM'2013


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