Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM) Program

Highlights of the Program

  • Dual degree and part-time program
    The GMSCM program is a dual degree and part-time study program. GMSCM students are awarded an MBA degree by Zhejiang University and a Master of Management in Manufacturing degree by McGill University after successfully completing all courses and thesis required.
  • Scholarships provided by Zhejiang University, McGill University and Strategic Partners
    More than 50% of students have received scholarships in the program.
  • English language program and courses delivered by McGill and ZJU professors
    McGill and Zhejiang, two international renowned academic institutions, have integrated their best faculty resources and built up a world class teaching and management team. All courses are taught in English. More than 50% of the courses are delivered by professors from McGill University coming to Hangzhou.
  • World-wide alumni network and outstanding classmates
    The GMSCM students have extensive work experience (more than seven years on average) in operations-related industries such as manufacturing, services, logistics and supply chain. Graduates from the GMSCM program have access to the vast alumni network and services provided by both universities such as networking events, career development, internships, etc.
  • One term study in McGill campus
    The electives in Zhejiang University are open to GMSCM students. An optional overseas module and one-term study program at McGill University campus in Montreal is also available.
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