Nathalie Beaupré

Nathalie Beaupré, Accounts & Human Resource Administrator 

Nathalie Beaupré is the Accounts Administrator for the Centre. She has been with the Centre since its inception in 2004 where it evolved from the Health Challenge Think Tanks. Nathalie is responsible for all administration as it relates to research budgets, accounting, payroll, HR, and travel reimbursements.

Fares Belkhiria

Fares Belkhiria, Research Assistant

Fares Belkhiria joined MCCHE in early 2020. He is highly involved in research projects on the convergence of marketing with technology and health. Prior to joining McGill, he was a research assistant and guest lecturer at the Goodman School of Business, Brock University where he obtained a Master of Science in Management. His master’s thesis focused on models of acceptance of e-government technologies and received the Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Award. Before starting his master’s, Fares worked as a digital media analyst for MindShare and served as Student Ambassador for Google Inc.

Laurette Dubé

Laurette Dubé, Founding Chair and Scientific Director 

Laurette Dubé is Full Professor and holds the James McGill Chair of consumer and lifestyle psychology and marketing at the Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University. She is also the founding chair and scientific director of the MCCHE. Beyond books, Laurette has published extensively in the leading scientific journals of her field. Her work also appears in general audience and business publications such as Maclean’s, The Globe and Mail, and USA Today. Laurette received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Sabina Hamalova

Sabina Hamalova, Research Assistant

sabina.hamalova [at] (Sabina Hamalova) joined the MCCHE team as a Research Assistant in summer 2017. Her life and career choices have been shaped by two of her biggest passions: research and human health. Previously, her research activities focused on lines of treatment in gastrointestinal oncology patients (Jewish General Hospital), and the impact of nutrition on human health (McGill University and Lund University, Sweden). She holds a M.Sc. in Food and Biotechnology at the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic and B.Sc. in Dietetics from McGill University.

Kitty Murphy

Kitty Murphy, Administrative Assistant

Atefeh Ramenzankhani, PhD Candidate

Atefeh Ramenzankhani is a PhD candidate at McGill’s faculty of management in ‘strategy and organization’ area. Her research explores scale up of community projects and local initiatives to tackle social and environmental problems with an emphasis on explaining the role of bridging organizations in creation and transformation of market arrangements that sit between social and commercial economy. She studies this through a combination of mathematical modeling of diffusion of market practices and an ethnographic study of a leading food security non-governmental organization in Canada.  

Krishiv Shah

Krishiv Shah, Casual Research Assistant

Krishiv Shah is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Biology and minoring in Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. He has been working with MCCHE since September 2018 and has used his time to explore different disciplines such as Food Policy, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Following his passion for multi-disciplinary learning, he is complementing his education in biology with an internship at the Barrett Lab in the Chemistry Department of McGill University where he is helping in the study of micelle formation using molecular dynamics. Some of his other interests include photography, videography, theatre and dance.

Maahir Shah

Maahir Shah, Casual Research Assistant

Maahir Shah is currently a third-year student at McGill University and has been a part of the MCCHE since September 2018. In addition to his passion for Biology, that has encouraged him to pursue a major in Biology and a minor in Biotechnology, he also has a keen interest in health and economics. He is working with MCCHE to obtain an interdisciplinary understanding of the impact of health, nutrition, and consumption on society, and the holistic approach required to tackle modern-day societal issues. In addition to this, he is deeply interested in singing, programming, web development, and community outreach.

Rishabh Shah

Rishabh Shah, Casual Research Assistant

Rishabh Shah is a U2 undergraduate student doing a major in Biology in the faculty of Science with a minor in Psychology. He is a Research Intern at MCCHE and has been working with the organisation since 2018. His academic interests lie in human behaviour, genetics and mental health, and he has been working with MCCHE to pursue these interests. Outside academics he is passionate about theatre, volunteers at a mental health club and is an Internal project manager at McGill Design Consultancy.

Jocelyne Whitehead

Jocelyne Whitehead, Casual Research Assistant

Jocelyne Whitehead is a Research Assistant with MCCHE, exploring interventions to mitigate social isolation and loneliness in the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at McGill in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience, investigating the neural correlates of social and emotional processing across modalities. Her research interests focus on threat perception and anxiety disorders, where alongside collaborators at the University of Oxford, she worked on an Oxford Resilience PREVENT-PTSD clinical trial. She holds a Combined B.Sc. (hon.) in Neuroscience and International Developments Studies from Dalhousie University.

Research Interns

Houji Yao

Houji Yao joined the MCCHE as a Research Intern in 2017. He is a current undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics and physics. He has previous experience as Editor-in-Chief of the Ampersand Journal and is interested in international development and interdisciplinary economics. Outside the MCCHE, he is also President of the McGill Students' Chess Club and works as an Undergraduate Student Assistant for the department of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill.

Rosemarie Cavillon

Rosemarie recently graduated from McGill University studying sociology with a double minor in psychology and economics. After taking various courses pertaining to research in social sciences, she discovered a growing passion for combining statistics, economics and psychology to enhance people's everyday decisions. She decided to join the MCCHE team to gain some hands on experience before pursuing her master's in the field of behavioural economics and decision making.

Stephanie Du

Stephanie is a U1 student at McGill studying Human Resources with a concentration in Finance at Desautels Faculty of Management. Aside from her major, she also has a strong interest in Economics. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys acting and singing in musical theatre, participating in sports, painting and photography. 

Yolanda Ferreiro Franchi

Born in Venezuela and raised in Spain, Yolanda is a senior at McGill University where she studies Political Science and Economics with a minor in Operations Management. As a recent addition to the MCCHE team, she is keen to explore the economic dimensions that influence, and culminate, in nutritional challenges. In her leisure time, she is an avid reader, learner of languages, and traveler."

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