The MCCHE has a long history of organizing workshops and conferences, involving students at all levels as well as researchers, the business community, policymakers, and NGOs. We host regular workshops, work sessions, conferences, and community engagement events to promote Convergent Innovation principles and engage stakeholders with our research-and-action projects. We also host a bi-weekly webinar series featuring seminal experts and industry leaders from across the world in the agri-food, healthcare, big data, and consumer behaviour disciplines and sectors.

Webinar Series

Convergent Innovation Webinar Series: Pulse Program

Inventing “One-World” Food Solutions for Sustainable Development and Affordable Healthcare

Co-chaired by: Laurette Dubé, Scientific Director & Founding Chair of MCCHE and Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada.

BRIDGE Webinar Series

Co-hosted by Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC).

Consumer Behaviour Webinar Series

Global Health Eating, Healthy Living

Past Events

The MCCHE continues to develop and run programs on an annual basis.

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