Webinar Series

Webinar Series

The MCCHE hosts a bi-weekly webinar series featuring seminal experts and industry leaders from across the world in the agri-food, healthcare, big data, and consumer behaviour disciplines and sectors. Listen to our webinars



The MCCHE has a long history of organizing workshops and conferences, involving students at all levels as well as researchers, the business community, policymakers, and NGOs. We host regular workshops, work sessions, conferences, and community engagement events to promote Convergent Innovation principles and engage stakeholders with our research-and-action projects. Learn more

Manulife Prize 2019

Manulife Prize

The Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health, valued at $50,000 CAD, is offered each year by McGill University to a Canadian academic whose research has contributed to understanding how factors such as physical activity, nutrition, fitness, or psychosocial context can influence personal health and well-being. Learn more

McGill Dobson Cup: Food & Agribusiness CI Prize

Dobson Cup: Food & Agribusiness CI Prize

Convergent Innovation fosters individual behavior change and societal transformation by instilling social and environmental objectives of agriculture, food product development, nutrition, and health into business models, while improving economic viability of efforts focused on social benefit. This $5,000 prize is awarded yearly to a team participating in the McGill Dobson Cup. Learn more

The MCCHE continues to develop and run programs on an annual basis.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the latest Covid-19 updates and learn what to expect for McGill’s return to campus this Fall, 2021.

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