The Sustainability Initiative

The Sustainability Initiative is the mechanism through which the MDIIM formally integrates elements of sustainability into the Desautels Faculty's teaching, research, & research activities.

Research and Practice: Steve Maguire

Research and Practice

Desautels faculty, graduate students, & alumni are working in sustainability & responsible management.

Desautels Commitments

Desautels Commitments

Committed to responsible management education & supporting sustainable development both locally & globally.

Leilani Lee, Sustainability in Careers

Careers in

A degree in management can prepare you for the social, environmental, and economical challenges of tomorrow.

Mdiim - Dror Etzion, Sustainability Study Options

Study Options in Sustainability

Explore how you can integrate sustainability into your studies through Desautels’ award winning programs.

Experience Outside the Classroom

Interested in gaining experience outside of the classroom? There are dozens of on-campus groups to connect with.

The Sustainability Initiative Events

There are currently no events available.