Careers in Sustainability

Why pursue a career in sustainability?

A degree in management can prepare you for the social, environmental, and economical challenges of tomorrow.

There are many reasons for choosing to pursue a career relating to sustainability. For some, the most important criteria is to make a positive impact in the world. For others, being “ahead of the curve” as an early entrant to new markets may be what’s most exciting. Others still may be looking for ways to maximize performance and profits. Whatever the reason, applying sustainability to your given career path can allow you to simultaneously pursue your values while creating value.

What sets students apart?

  • an ability to combine and integrate traditional business skills with environmental knowledge and sensitivity to social issues
  • a unique designation that signals an understanding of sustainability and organizational complexities to potential employers
  • a skill-set that opens doors to work in and across any sector (private, public, plural)

Why sustainability?

Possible career paths in sustainability include:

  • Traditional management positions in sustainability-oriented organizations (i.e. organizations that have environmental or social issues central to their mission, product, or service);
  • Sustainability-oriented positions in traditional organizations (i.e. those typically pursued by management graduates); and
  • Sustainability-oriented positions in sustainability-oriented organizations.

Career Coaches

The Soutar Career Centre connects students with key mentoring opportunities by leveraging an online platform of alumni advisors and successful professionals. Currently, there are 70 BCom and 69 MBA mentors paired in one-on-one matches with student mentees. 

Through these mentoring programs, mentees gain key insights into:

  • networking with successful and influential business professionals;
  • developing their understanding of new career options;
  • building successful career management strategies, and;
  • preparing for the recruitment process.

Sustainability Career Events and Workshops

Several sustainability-related career events, workshops, mentorship luncheons, and expert panels are held throughout the year for students to engage with and learn from current practitioners.

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