More from Saibal Ray's Recent Research


Brand Positioning and Consumer Taste Information

Authors: Arcan Nalca, Tamer Boyaci and Saibal Ray

Publication: European Journal of Operational Research, Forthcoming


Published: 30 Jan 2018

Group Selling, Product Durability, and Consumer Behavior

Authors: He, Y., Ray, S., Yin, S.

Publications: Production and Operations Management

Published: 30 Jan 2017

Professor Saibal Ray named a Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists & Scientists, RSC

Congratulations to Professor Saibal Ray on being named a Member of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, Royal Society of Canada. This distinguished honour is conferred upon Professor Ray for his accomplishment in the study of social entrepreneurship operations and recognizes the impact that his research has made on society.

Published: 14 Sep 2016

Supply-Side Story: Risks, Guarantees, Competition, and Information Asymmetry

Authors: Gümüş, M.,  Gurnani, H., and Ray, S.  

Publication: Management Science

Published: 23 Nov 2015

Effects of upstream and downstream mergers on supply chain profitability

Authors: Zhu, J., Boyaci, T. and Ray, S.

Publications: European Journal of Operational Research

Published: 29 Sep 2015

Joint procurement and demand-side bidding strategies under price volatility

Authors: Nie, X., Boyacı, T., Gümüş, M., Ray, S., Zhang, D. Publication: Annals of Operations Research


Published: 10 Apr 2015

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Strategic Supplier Alliances Under Default Risk

Authors: Xiao Huang, Tamer Boyaci, Mehmet Gumus, Saibal Ray and Dan Zhang

Publication: Management Science 


Published: 6 Feb 2015

"Ordering Behavior Under Supply Risk: An Experimental Investigation," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Authors: Gurnani, Haresh; Ramachandran, Karthik; Ray, Saibal; Xia, Yusen

Publication: Manufacturing and Service Operations Management


Published: 27 Feb 2014

"Returns Policies Between Channel Partners for Durable Products," Marketing Science

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Yin, Shuya

Publication: Marketing Science


Published: 27 Aug 2013

"Shipping Fees or Shipping Free? A Tale of Two Price Partitioning Strategies in Online Retailing," Production and Operations Management

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Li, Shanling; Oh, Wonseok; Ray, Saibal

Publication: Production and Operations Management, July 2013


Published: 8 Aug 2013

"Competitive price-matching guarantees: Equilibrium analysis of the availability verification clause under demand uncertainty," Management Science

Authors: Nalca, Arcan; Boyaci, Tamer; Ray, Saibal

Publication: Management Science


Published: 18 Apr 2013

Supply-side story: Risks, guarantees, competition, and information asymmetry

Authors: Gumus, Mehmet; Ray, Saibal; Gurnani, Haresh


Published: 5 Oct 2012