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Published: 17Feb2020

We all know that networking can be instrumental when it comes to finding a job. According to a recent survey, workers are 64 per cent more likely to have found their most recent position through networking than a job listing.

But turning an informal connection into a career opportunity is a delicate process. How do you ask for help finding a job without putting the other person in an uncomfortable position? How do you connect on a personal level – not just professionally – with “senior” people in your industry?

Landing career opportunities all comes down to how you work your network, and this takes practice and patience. Thankfully, DesautelsConnect makes it easier to network with any member of the Desautels community. So make the most of this valuable tool – it may very well lead to your next career break.

Read this article for tips on how to properly work your network.

About DesautelsConnect

DesautelsConnect is an online network for the Desautels community at McGill University. The Ten Thousand Coffees platform matches alumni with students and recent grads for a career inspiring coffee.

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