Professor Etzion co-leads MSSI research project focusing on SMEs

Published: 26 March 2019

Professor Dror Etzion, along with McGill University colleagues Jaye Ellis (Law) and Catherine Potvin (Biology), has been selected to co-lead a research project under the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI).

Working under the theme of “Transitions”, the team will explore the pivotal role that Small- and Medium-Size Enterprises (SMEs) will play as they increasingly shift toward sustainable practices.

Over the course of the research initiative, Professor Etzion and colleagues will aim to establish a range of partnerships outside of academia. Their vision is to develop novel interdisciplinary research, knowledge-transfer and engagement as a way to close the sustainability action gap.

More about the Transitions research theme

SMEs employ nearly 90% of private-sector workers in Canada, suggesting that they are well positioned to become hubs of social, cultural and economic change. The MSSI Sustainability Transitions theme will build strong and innovative research in close collaboration with SMEs and with agencies and organizations that support them. The theme will be solutions-oriented, hinging on the recognition that sustainability will create economic opportunities as the world reorganizes and pivots towards solutions. The theme will focus on two main streams: (i) understanding and sharing SMEs’ sustainability decision-making processes, motivations for change, obstacles and opportunities for a sustainable transition, and (ii) studying and promoting the development of metrics such as goals, indicators and standards that stimulate such actions and permit the measurement of progress.

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