McGill Desautels supports AMCIS 2023 and social impact research projects in Panama

Published: 9 August 2023

AMCIS 2023, an AIS conference taking place from August 10 to 12 in Panama City and co-chaired by McGill Desautels’ IS Area Coordinator Professor Animesh Animesh, aims to highlight the impact of research projects in technology on local communities. One such project, led by McGill Desautels Faculty Lecturer Matt Goodman, is driven by social impact initiatives and aims to leave a positive mark on Panama's local economy.

Pro Eco Azuero, a Panamanian NGO located in the Azuero Peninsula, is dedicated to preserving the earth's ecosystems, promoting sustainable land management, and empowering communities through environmental education. In its latest endeavour to protect biodiversity, the NGO has sought to create a user-friendly and accessible plant database to empower local landowners and serve as a valuable educational resource on native plants. Led by Goodman, a group of 17 students embarked on a journey to find technological solutions to Pro Eco Azuero's challenges by engaging in the design thinking process and conducting interviews and observations to build empathy with the users.

This year’s edition of AMCIS, with support from sponsors like McGill Desautels, offers the largest amount of scholarship support among all AIS conferences’ scholarship programs.


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