Desautels 22: top-tier management journals


Published: 27Oct2017
Vihang Errunza

Desautels prides itself on being a research-intensive management faculty that brings together scholars with a broad range of expertise, including mathematics, economics, psychology, sociology, and technology. Together, they address in their work issues of great importance to not only the business community, but also to society.

Research excellence is at the core of our mandate as a faculty and it can take many forms, including articles in peer-reviewed management journals, research books and monographs, articles in professional journals, as well as articles in disciplinary journals related to management.

In recognition of research excellence as it relates to publications in top-tier management journals, our Faculty has compiled a list of high quality, peer-reviewed management journals, which is referred to as the Desautels 22.

I invite you to consult the Desautels 22 list over the 2012-2017 period to discover the wide-reaching impact of research being published by our faculty members.

Vihang Errunza, Associate Dean, Research