Measuring sovereign bond market integration

Published: 12 September 2019

Authors: Ines Chaieb, Vihang Errunza, and Rajna Gibson Brandon...

How is Liquidity Priced in Global Markets?

Published: 27 January 2022

Investors pay a premium for liquidity, but exactly how much do they pay and how does that vary? Desautels Professor Vihang Errunza investigates that question with a new international asset pricing...

Professor Emmanuelle Vaast named Associate Dean of Research

Published: 22 May 2020

As Professor Vihang Errunza steps down from his role as Associate Dean of Research at the Desautels Faculty of Management, Professor Emmanuelle Vaast is gearing up to take the reins.

Corporate governance and state expropriation risk

Published: 4 June 2015

Authors: Col, B., Errunza, V. Publication: Journal of Corporate Finance Abstract

The Impact of Investability on Asset Valuation

Published: 8 January 2016

Authors: Errunza, V., Ta, H. Publication: Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 50, No. 5, 2015 Abstract: 

Desautels 22: top-tier management journals

Published: 27 October 2017

Desautels prides itself on being a research-intensive management faculty that brings together scholars with a broad range of expertise, including mathematics, economics, psychology, sociology, and...

Professor Vihang Errunza named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Published: 8 September 2017

The Desautels Faculty of Management is pleased to congratulate Professor Vihang Errunza, Associate Dean, Research, on being named a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada’s Social Sciences Academy.

Finance in Emerging Markets

Published: 8 April 2016

Editor: Vihang Errunza  Publication: Routledge Abstract: 


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