Career preparation

A calendar of events and workshops is available to students on myFuture. Check the site regularly to view and sign-up for events and sessions.



Are you ready?

Successful career preparation begins as early as your first year as a BCom student. Start developing your networking skills and meeting new people through clubs, associations, volunteer work and you will no doubt uncover many great jobs.

During each semester, Career Services offers a number of services to help students discover, prepare for and connect with the job market. Various interactive workshops are offered such as Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Networking, Interviewing skills and more. In addition, Career Services hosts company information sessions for students to get to know a company in greater depth as well as mock interview sessions by career advisors and industry professionals.

Through this preparation, students are given the tools to research target companies, understand the industries, learn how to ace an interview and connect with the business community.

The key to long-term success and happiness is based upon identifying career options that best utilize your natural talents and that fit with who you are. Why not start on the right foot and gain knowledge of the concepts, understanding and tools required to make one of the most important decisions of your life?

Onboarding: The First Step of your Journey

As a U0/U1 student, the first step of your career preparation is to complete the onboarding process. This mandatory process will help you establish the basis for your success, and give you access to our specialized advisors. Onboarding will be discussed when your Career Advisors visit some of your classes in the fall term. In order to optimize your job search and career knowledge, first year students should watch this short video.

Peer Advisor Program

Available to U0 and U1 students as part of the onboarding process. Once students have attended Career Prep 101 they will be able to meet with a trained Peer Advisor to have their resume reviewed.

If you are interested in becoming a peer advisor or for more information, please click here.

Resume Book

U2 students looking for internships can participate in the Summer Resume Book which is presented to over 500 employers.

BCom Career Conference

Career Services holds its annual BCom Career Conference every spring. This conference is an important program that allows Career Services to provide critical support to our students immediately prior to summer break and graduation - where many students need targeted guidance to find summer employment or a permanent position.

The event attracts 60 students to participate in a series of interactive workshops, guest speaker lectures, and mock interviews with alumni. The students work in small groups guided by our four career advisors with the goal of honing their job search skills.