Eligibility requirements

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Students must be registered in a current BCom, MBA, MMA, MMF or MMR program in order to utilize our full range of services. Management minors are not eligible.

Desautels Faculty of Management Alumni

Management Alumni have access for life to the “myFuture” job search and career tools suite free of charge. However, Alumni do not have access to Information Sessions and are not eligible to participate in on-campus recruitment campaigns, but are encouraged to apply on their own. Information Sessions and on-campus recruitment are reserved for current graduating students.

How to register for myFuture (for alumni who graduated in May 2007 or later)

You should already have a profile in myFuture. Go to myFuture and sign in. If you have any difficulty, phone contact The Soutar Career Centre at 514-398-2996.

How to register for myFuture (for alumni who graduated before May 2007)

Alumni who graduated before May 2007 must register in order to create their own profiles in myFuture. To register, please go to The Soutar Career Centre (for Management alumni)

In your email, include your full name, McGill ID number, Faculty, year of graduation and major, email address, current mailing address and phone number.

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