myMcGill portal upgrade complete


IT Services has put in place a new high-availability myMcGill portal. Using a more robust server architecture, the myMcGill portal should experience fewer down times during peak periods of heavy traffic.

Other than a much improved level of availability, the effects of the upgrade on users will be minimal:

  • Tab access: You can still access the portal using the myMcGill tab on all McGill Web pages.
  • New URL: The URL has changed to  Anyone using the old URL will be redirected and instructed to re-bookmark the page.
  • More IT links: The IT Tools tab has added several quick links to IT services.
  • Customizations: Any portal customizations made prior to the upgrade will be lost, and need to be redone. For instructions, see the Knowledge Base article Hide, show and move portlets on the myMcGill page or, once logged into myMcGill, click on the Customize link at the top of the page.
  • Library Account access: Any login credentials previously entered for your Library Account will have to be re-entered. For instructions, see the Knowledge Base article How to sign into your Library Account from myMcGill.