Pictured above: Greenhouse production of sunflower microgreens in biodegradable containers.

By David Wees, agr., Faculty Lecturer, Farm Management & Technology Program and Dept. of Plant Science, FAES

Ah, spring: that time of year when farmers and gardeners can’t wait to plant. Even apartment dwellers want to see some green, but with most of the world’s population now living in urban areas, space to grow may be limited.

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Published on: 2 May 2024

Pictured (from left to right): McGill/Mac representatives Ingrid Chiraz and Andrew Churchill; grad students: Jasmine Muszik, Mehtab Singh, Aylish Marshall; JAC representatives Sean Hughes and Karim Jaffer

By Kathy MacLean

In the dynamic landscape of scientific inquiry, effective communication is not merely an option; it's a necessity. Bridging the gap between complex research and broader audiences fosters understanding, sparks curiosity, and drives positive change.

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Published on: 2 May 2024

Team chosen as part of a cohort of 10 projects identified by Axelys, a Quebec-based non-profit organization helping to accelerate innovation stemming from public research, for their high potential after a thorough 6-month review by an independent board

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Published on: 18 Apr 2024

Date: April 10, 2024 | Time: 3:00 PM | Location: The McGill Faculty Club: 3450 McTavish Street | Free Event

Join the Trottier Family Foundation and TISED for an upcoming panel discussion where we explore the role and potential of green hydrogen in Canada's decarbonization strategy.  With perspectives from public, private, academic, and non-profit stakeholders we help to identify the sectors to prioritize, the main roadblocks ahead, and the resources and actions needed to effectively implement this technology.

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Published on: 21 Mar 2024

It's not every day that a university assignment transforms into a real-world conservation initiative. Yet, that's precisely what happened with the Macdonald Campus Pollination Meadow project. What began as coursework evolved into an ecological marvel, all thanks to the hard work and vision of a group of Macdonald students led by Alex Kuijper Dickson BEng’23 (Bioresource) and Heather Brown BSc(AgEnvSc)’24.

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Published on: 29 Nov 2023

New company FeX Energy aims to leverage metal fuel technology to provide cheap, safe and infinitely renewable energy for industrial clients

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Published on: 8 Nov 2023

DATE: October 17th 2023 | TIME: 2:00pm (EST) |  Location: Macdonald Engineering Building RM: 497

Present by Professor Søren Husted

Free Hybrid Seminar- Available on zoom

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Published on: 26 Sep 2023

Date: October 11 2023 | Time: 5:30 pm | Location: McGill Engine

Calling all graduate students in McGill's Faculty of Engineering!

Join our engaging info sessions to learn more about the enriching SEDTalks! Presentation Skills Training program, designed to elevate your education and skills. 

Refreshments will be provided!

Learn more: https://mcgill.ca/x/Unp 

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Published on: 20 Sep 2023

On May 31, 2023, McGill University’s Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) and SOCODEVI, in collaboration with the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), held an event showcasing concrete actions to strengthen sustainable agriculture, improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers and increase the resilience of agri-food systems. This event also launched a new collaboration between IFAD and McGill IGFS, including an internship program and IFAD student group.

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Published on: 25 Jul 2023

Outgoing Office of Sustainability Communications Intern Maya Willard-Stepan and her peers reflect on the challenges of building a sustainability movement on campus despite high student turnover.

As summer approaches, another cohort of McGillians prepare to make their way across the convocation stage, and thousands of students who have been involved in sustainability projects on campus head out into the world.

Published on: 31 May 2023

Teamwork was a major motivator for many of the offices that joined the Sustainable Workplace Certification program this semester.\

It’s surprisingly easy. That was the most common takeaway for the 11 teams that joined the Sustainable Workplace Certification program this academic year.

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Published on: 31 May 2023

How do we encourage respirology residents to consider climate change when they develop treatment plans? What tools do future elementary school teachers need to bring environmental education into their classrooms? What latest advancements in synthetic biology could help students develop solutions to real-world sustainability issues?

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Published on: 25 May 2023

As McGill prepares to launch its own sustainable lab certification program, six research teams tested the waters to see what it takes to go green.

Six laboratory teams at McGill recently completed a year-long endeavor to get certified with My Green Lab, an internationally recognized online program the provides lab users with actionable ways to implement meaningful change. From waste reduction to fieldwork, this certification system gives researchers clear ways to assess their current lab practices and make improvements.

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Published on: 18 May 2023


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