Wild turkey sightings are on the rise in Montreal.

David Bird, emeritus professor of wildlife biology in McGill's Department of Natural Resource Sciences, told the Montreal Gazette that warmer temperatures have influenced the habits of more than just wild turkey populations.

“All these birds that are not normally found in cold, cold regions are now moving north because of climate warming,” he said.

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Published on: 9 May 2024

Pictured (from left to right): McGill/Mac representatives Ingrid Chiraz and Andrew Churchill; grad students: Jasmine Muszik, Mehtab Singh, Aylish Marshall; JAC representatives Sean Hughes and Karim Jaffer

By Kathy MacLean

In the dynamic landscape of scientific inquiry, effective communication is not merely an option; it's a necessity. Bridging the gap between complex research and broader audiences fosters understanding, sparks curiosity, and drives positive change.

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Published on: 2 May 2024

The McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill today announced its fourth cohort of recipients: 30 students who will pursue a funded master’s or professional degree combined with mentorship and leadership programming, as well as 117 who earned entrance awards ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 each.

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Published on: 1 May 2024

Most members of the McGill community know Chris Buddle as a professor, an entomologist, a researcher, or a McGill administrator. But Buddle is a man of many more talents, which you can read all about in a new McGill Reporter article.

On May 22, he will launch A Portrait of Astonishing Nature, a remarkable collection of original poetry and watercolour paintings that pay loving tribute to the plants and animals around us.

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Published on: 29 Apr 2024

Photo: Anaïs Remili (centre), winner of the Prize for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows, with Valérie Orsat, Acting Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and McGill President, Deep Saini

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Published on: 11 Apr 2024

In The Conversation, Department of Natural Resource Sciences PhD Candidate Elson Ian Nyl Galang and Dalhousie University Postdoc Lara Cornejo write about their experience gathering a group of leading thinkers in Halifax, near the iconic Bay of Fundy, to set about imagining “what could plausibly happen to the Bay of Fundy coast by 2072.”

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Published on: 11 Apr 2024

On March 21, McGill celebrated 111 laureates at the 19th edition of Bravo, a gala event honouring researchers who won major provincial, national, and international research prizes and awards in 2023. Guests, including researchers, their families and friends, faculty, students, and members of McGill’s academic administration, gathered to celebrate their accomplishments.

Eight of the honourees were from the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences:

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Published on: 10 Apr 2024

The Palais des congrès de Montréal honoured five McGill professors at its 2024 ambassadors’ gala for their exceptional contributions to the city’s economic and societal growth. Although there are a few other professors among the total of 14, McGill alone can boast of multiple honourees.

The basis for earning the kudos is the ability to organize large-scale events in Montreal. 

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Published on: 10 Apr 2024

It’s possible animals — pets and wildlife alike — will behave unusually during Quebec’s total solar eclipse on April 8 , according to experts on their behaviour.

David Bird, emeritus professor of wildlife biology at McGill University, told the Montreal Gazette that birds, insects and bats are the main groups expected to be affected, or “the main ones that everybody’s sort of keeping an eye on.”

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Published on: 9 Apr 2024

White-tailed tropicbirds spend most of the year at sea, out of sight of people. When the seabirds make their annual descent into Bermuda to breed, though, their long, streamer-like tails, snowy white plumage, and shrill calls are impossible to miss. To locals, the birds’ return to the islands is a reliable sign of spring.

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Published on: 14 Mar 2024

In a new article for the McGill Reporter, Department of Natural Resource Sciences PhD Candidate Elson Ian Nyl Galang argues that to restore Quebec’s landscapes for sustainability and resilience, we need to carefully think about which pathways of development and decision-making we prioritize.

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Published on: 14 Mar 2024

This Sunday, February 11, marks the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which promotes full and equal access to science for women and girls.

According to the UN, a significant gender gap persists at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines all over the world. Even though women have made tremendous progress towards increasing their participation in higher education, most countries, no matter their level of development, have not achieved gender equality in STEM.

Published on: 8 Feb 2024

Growing up in Minnesota, McGill PhD student Scott Sugden spent a lot of time outdoors, particularly canoeing and backpacking in the Arctic. 

The Arctic became a landscape that he cared deeply about. It led to work in outdoor education, a high school biology classroom, and now as a researcher in environmental microbiology. 

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Published on: 1 Feb 2024

On Wednesday November 29th, 2023, nine Macdonald Campus graduate students took on the challenge of presenting their thesis in just a few minutes at the Lister Family Engaged Science 3-Minute Thesis Competition.

With only one non-animated slide for visual support, competitors raced against the clock to explain the crucial components of their research and its importance.

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Published on: 6 Dec 2023

Imagine living in a world where the wisdom of Indigenous communities guides our actions towards biodiversity and human health. This isn't just a vision; it's becoming a reality through the groundbreaking initiative known as Ărramăt. This New Frontiers in Research funded project is a pioneering effort to acknowledge and amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples, empowering them to share their knowledge about the environment's role in promoting health and well-being.

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Published on: 29 Nov 2023


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