Five offices across disciplines and campuses embrace sustainability at work and beyond through the Sustainable Workplace Certification program

What motivates sustainable change?

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Published on: 17 May 2023

The ICI on recycle + program highlights organizations across Quebec committed to improving their waste sorting and reduction efforts

McGill is one of two Quebec universities to receive recognition from the provincial government for its waste management practices. RECYC-QUÉBEC, the branch responsible for sustainable waste management, recently awarded McGill’s downtown campus the Performance certification level of its ICI on recycle + program.

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Published on: 16 May 2023

Cell biology researcher Dieter Reinhardt explains why his lab is cool with turning up the temperature of their freezers

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Published on: 15 May 2023

McGill University has entered into an agreement with BXVentures to facilitate and accelerate the commercialization of select cleantech projects that originate in McGill labs.

Established in 2022, BXVentures is Canada’s first venture studio that specializes in identifying and evaluating net-zero technologies and helping early-stage concepts become scalable businesses.

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Published on: 18 Apr 2023

The McGill University Department of Chemistry has signed the Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) from Beyond Benign, an organization that develops and disseminates green chemistry and sustainable science educational resources that empower educators, students, and the community at large to practice sustainability through chemistry.

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Published on: 17 Mar 2023

Helium is probably not the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about recycling – unless they’re experimental chemists working in McGill’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facilities.

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Published on: 16 Mar 2023

The name of a new global food security hub at McGill might be a mouthful, but the students behind it are confident their work will help get food into the mouths of people who need it.

“We want to be a place where students can get hands-on experience advocating for solutions,” said Efrata Woldeyohanes, the undergraduate student leading the recently launched Margaret A. Gilliam Institute for Global Food Security Student Nexus.

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Published on: 9 Mar 2023

Biological research is crucial to understanding the environmental impacts of the climate crisis, but oftentimes this research involves disrupting the environment it is trying to understand and protect. This is why the Barrett lab decided to focus on how to make their research more sustainable.

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Published on: 28 Feb 2023

Creating a Brighter Future: Sustainability at McGill was designed to help students engage with the topic regardless of their field of study.

Published on: 26 Jan 2023

Department-wide sustainability objective encourages accessible, equitable, and environmentally conscious decision making.

McGill Human Resources (HR) is walking the walk, reaffirming their commitment to sustainability with the Sustainable Workplace Certification program.

Published on: 26 Jan 2023

The 2022 United Nations Biodiversity Conference of the Parties (COP15) was held in Montreal on December 7-19, 2022. The conference’s outcome agreement, known as “30×30” means the protection of 30 per cent of land and oceans by 2030.

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Published on: 13 Jan 2023

At a research-intensive university like McGill, laboratories play a critical role both in advancing solutions for a sustainable future and making its campuses environmentally responsible places to study and work. In fact, McGill cannot hope to reach its goals of becoming zero-waste by 2035 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 without collaboration from the faculty, staff, and students who use these spaces.

Published on: 11 Jan 2023

Sustainable agricultural practices require considerable investments, and smallholder famers may not realize gains for years. Without secure land tenure, they lack incentive to invest in long-term benefits. Instead, many opt to use the land as intensively as possible each year since they have no guarantee for the future. This is just one example of how land tenure security intersects with sustainable development, a relationship explored in-depth in a recent book co-edited by Brian Robinson, an associate professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University.

Published on: 18 Jul 2022

By: McGill Office of Sustainability/Human Resource

Originally published in the McGill Reporter on April 20, 2022

McGill has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for the fifth consecutive year, Mediacorp Canada announced earlier today.

Published on: 25 Apr 2022

New standardized compost bins to be found on both the downtown and Macdonald campuses thanks to financial support from RECYC-QUÉBEC and the Sustainability Projects Fund, marking an important step towards becoming zero-waste by 2035.

Read the full story in the McGill Reporter

Published on: 2 Feb 2022


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