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The following is a message from McGill IT Services.

ALL owners of "Public" MS Teams groups are required to audit their groups.

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Published on: 17 May 2024

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Exciting changes are coming your way! Windows 10 will be upgraded to Windows 11 on ICS-managed computers, bringing you enhanced features and performance. The upgrade will be rolled out gradually. Newly acquired devices will be pre-installed with Windows 11!


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Published on: 13 May 2024

New changes to the e-election platform!

We would like to advise you that the decision was made to replace the Omnivox solution with an existing, similar tool called Qualtrics. This will allow IT Services to streamline our solutions and reduce service duplication. In addition to this, the Qualtrics solution will bring enhanced features, improved data security, and a more user-friendly interface, all of which will significantly improve your e-election experience. The Qualtrics solution is now available upon request as of May 13, 2024.

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Published on: 13 May 2024

VPN Downtime Alert: There will be a temporary interruption in VPN service on Monday, April 29, between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. VPN access will not be available during this period. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Published on: 24 Apr 2024

Cartoon caption: There's a lot of sensitive personal information on this flash drive so handle it with care!

Do you know where all your removable storage devices are (i.e., USB flash drives, external hard drives, DVDs)?

  • To protect sensitive information belonging to you or others: Ensure that your removable devices are kept in a safe location (i.e., locked in an office drawer, home or office location with restricted access, etc.).
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    Published on: 12 Apr 2024

    Hello McGill staff, 

    IT Comms is your one-stop shop for all communications needs. We now made it easy for you to submit a communication request, using an easy-to-fill-out form that ensures your request is in our hands quickly for a fast turnaround delivery. Please use this form instead of email or MS Teams to send your requests to our team, it will prevent your request from slipping through the cracks when your usual contact at IT Comm is on vacation or away for a few days. 

    Published on: 10 Apr 2024

    Take a look back at IT Services’ achievements in 2023, another busy year of providing McGill’s nearly 50,000 students, staff, and faculty with a unified, secure, sustainable, and strategic digital experience. We invite you to read our Annual Report.

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    Published on: 28 Mar 2024

    In myCourses, instructors are currently unable to export grades to Minerva from myCourses.  This is an ongoing issue that IT Services is actively addressing, working closely with the vendor to restore this function and testing possible fixes.

    As a temporary workaround, instructors need to manually enter grades in Minerva.  Please see the following articles for relevant instructions:

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    Published on: 21 Mar 2024

    Users may see the following error message when an attachment fails to download: “Error downloading the file content.” Downloading attachments and embedded image viewing may succeed after signing out and then back into Outlook on the web.

    If available, users can download attachments and view embedded images consistently through the Outlook desktop client.

    IT Services is currently working on a fix to resolve the issue.



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    Published on: 21 Mar 2024

    Students! Please read carefully since the information contained in this announcement will affect your ability to store files in your OneDrive account and may affect your ability to send emails from Outlook after May 31st 2024.

    Microsoft is introducing changes to our service offering across our Microsoft 365 Education suite that require us to place limits on storage. As of May 31st, 2024, students will have 20GB (Gigabytes) of OneDrive storage space, in addition to 20GB of Outlook email storage.

    Published on: 15 Jan 2024

    UPDATE: Some students may notice a discrepancy between updates to their enrolment records and those displayed in myCourses. Please note that this is a temporary issue that does not affect enrolment records and will be resolved shortly.

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    Published on: 5 Jan 2024

    Although it is prohibited to use WeChat on any McGill-managed/owned device, individuals can continue to use WeChat on their personal devices using their personal accounts.

    We remind you to be vigilant and exercise your discretion when using apps that can access your personal information if the proper privacy settings are not available or in place.

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    Published on: 17 Nov 2023

    This message was updated on November 20, 2023.

    Ce message a été mis à jour le 20 novembre 2023.

    La version française suit

    Dear members of the McGill community,

    Effective immediately, please be advised that the installation and use of the social network WeChat from an application or Web browser is prohibited on any McGill-managed/owned device, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Individuals can continue to use WeChat on their personal devices using their personal accounts.

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    Published on: 16 Nov 2023

    The IT Services Virtual Scavenger Hunt contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered - we will contact the winners shortly. 


    Welcome to a new term! The IT Services Virtual Scavenger Hunt is now open to all McGill students. Take our quiz and enter to win a McGill hoodie! Details below. 

    How to enter:

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    Published on: 14 Nov 2023

    Are you the owner of an MS Teams workspace featuring a wiki tab, typically used for meeting notes?

    If so, we would like to inform you about a significant change concerning the wiki feature (usually used for meeting notes) in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has announced that as of January 2024, the wiki feature will be retired and replaced by OneNote.

    In this article:

    How does this affect you?

    Actions you will need to take

    Steps to export wiki content to OneNote

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    Published on: 10 Nov 2023


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