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As of May 1, 2021, the price of printing impressions (print and copies) using the uPrint service will be increased to the following:


  • Black and white impressions: $0.065/per impression (tabloid: $0.13/per impression)
  • Colour impressions: $0.22/per impression (tabloid: $0.44/per impression)

To: (for all paper sizes)

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Published on: 22 Apr 2021


The Lecture Recording System (LRS) is now available. 

Original message, posted at 8:35 AM, April 19. 2021:

The Lecture Recording System (LRS) is experiencing issues and is not currently available. We are working to resolve the issue. 

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. 

Published on: 19 Apr 2021

McGill's new version of LimeSurvey (v3) was released earlier this year. LimeSurvey is a robust survey tool, often used for extensive research studies, that allows complex conditional branching and supports anonymous tokens.

Access to version 2 of LimeSurvey will be restricted to survey administrators as of September 1, 2021. Therefore any surveys that are still active in version 2 should be moved to version 3.

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Published on: 8 Apr 2021

Taxpayers need to be vigilant when they receive an email, text message, phone call or mail that claims to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number.

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Published on: 6 Apr 2021

Research and Innovation and IT Services are pleased to welcome Marc Rousseau to the role of Director, Research Software / Directeur du Logiciel de Recherche. In this new role, Rousseau provides support and advice to the McGill research community on software, from grant applications to the implementation of research activities. He will also lead the development of the McGill Digital Research Services team, which will assist researchers in all fields of study with resources and tools in research data management (RDM), research software (RS) and advanced research computing (ARC).

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Published on: 25 Feb 2021

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is applied to all new McGill student and staff accounts as of January last year. Since May of 2020, remote access to McGill systems through the Virtual Private Network (VPN), also requires 2FA. 

To promote a safer online environment and ensure protected access to all systems, McGill is joining higher education institutions around the world in implementing 2FA. 2FA will be required for ALL McGill accounts by the end of 2021.  

Why are we doing this now? 

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Published on: 1 Feb 2021

Secure your journey is McGill’s cybersecurity awareness campaign.

Its goal is to influence the adoption of best practices throughout the community to protect McGill’s data and systems as well as our own information.

At McGill, we are all on a journey. Although we may each work towards different goals during our time here, we all have one thing in common: Each one of us needs to stay safe from beginning to end.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2021

On February 1, 2020, IT Services will begin enforcing restarts for all IT-managed Windows systems with pending updates. 

This measure is being taken to protect McGill systems and data from information security threats. Though many users restart their systems in a timely fashion, some delay restarting for up to several months. Regular patching is essential for information security and ongoing computer maintenance. Restarting is often required to complete the patching process. 

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Published on: 20 Jan 2021

Support for Skype for Business will be ending by summer 2021. For communications with McGill parties, including text messaging, audio and video calls, virtual meetings and filesharing, we recommend using Microsoft Teams.

For anyone currently using Skype for Business to make phone calls, we will soon be announcing plans for a new softphone solution. Stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks.

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Published on: 13 Jan 2021

Contest for students

Here are 4 reasons why students should get two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect their McGill accounts:

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Published on: 13 Jan 2021

What is the gift card scam?

You may receive an email that looks like it comes from one of your coworkers,  saying something like: "Can you do me a favor?" 

If you reply, the next email asks you to purchase a gift card on their behalf. The message may say they need the card immediately, but they are too busy to do it, and they will pay you back as soon as possible.

These emails are not legitimate. They are being sent by malicious entities who are impersonating people in your contacts list to gain your trust and exploit you. These kinds of fraudulent emails, known as "phishing", attempt to gain your trust in order to access your personal and/or credit card information, or to get money (in the form of gift cards).

DO NOT click any links or reply to such messages. Delete these emails immediately!

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Published on: 13 Jan 2021

New to McGill? IT Services have much to offer! Get an overview of many of the services available to you as a new member of our McGill community by checking out this webinar (from last Fall’s virtual orientation event). Our IT experts walk you through many of the important services you may seek throughout your journey at McGill. 

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Published on: 8 Jan 2021

Adobe has been announcing the end of support for Flash since 2017. As of December 31, 2020, Adobe will no longer distribute the Flash Player; no updates or security patches will be issued, and Flash will not be supported on web browsers. The company recommends that all users uninstall Flash Player before the EOL date. See the official announcement from Adobe.

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Published on: 7 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Gavin Goodwin and Zéphir Lorne, the two lucky winners of the “Stay sharp to stay safe” contest! Each will receive a McGill hoodie. 

331 students and staff participated in the contest by completing our cybersecurity awareness quiz, with 90% earning the minimum score to be entered in the draw for the hoodies. 


Which questions gave people the most trouble?  

  1.  “Which of the following provides the most protection against malware?” (Answer: Updates) 

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Published on: 2 Dec 2020

A new version of Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client is now available to support macOS Big Sur (macOS 11).

Cisco AnyConnect is used to access McGill's virtual private network (VPN), which allows you to connect from home or off-campus to protected internal resources, such as the uPrint system, Workday, Banner and desktop computers on campus.

Download and install the new version now

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Published on: 13 Nov 2020


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