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Congratulations to Gavin Goodwin and Zéphir Lorne, the two lucky winners of the “Stay sharp to stay safe” contest! Each will receive a McGill hoodie. 

331 students and staff participated in the contest by completing our cybersecurity awareness quiz, with 90% earning the minimum score to be entered in the draw for the hoodies. 


Which questions gave people the most trouble?  

  1.  “Which of the following provides the most protection against malware?” (Answer: Updates) 

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Published on: 2 Dec 2020

A new version of Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client is now available to support macOS Big Sur (macOS 11).

Cisco AnyConnect is used to access McGill's virtual private network (VPN), which allows you to connect from home or off-campus to protected internal resources, such as the uPrint system, Workday, Banner and desktop computers on campus.

Download and install the new version now

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Published on: 13 Nov 2020

As part of McGill’s responsibility to address the urgency of climate change, the Office of Sustainability and IT Services have collaborated to bring Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees, to McGill. We encourage students, staff, faculty and alumni to install the Ecosia extension to contribute to reforestation initiatives across the globe.

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Published on: 12 Nov 2020

We are happy to announce that 80% of uPrint machines have been replaced by new Xerox Altalink color printers. The remaining 20 % of these machines will be replaced in May 2021.

Read about uPrint campus printing in the IT Knowledge Base.

Original message posted September 8, 2020

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Published on: 11 Nov 2020

We have changed up the photo on the McGill signin page... here's hoping for another few weeks of autumn!

Are you an amateur photographer?

If you have beautiful photos of campus that you would like featured on McGill's signin page, you can post them to the Office 365 Photo Contest group on Yammer. We aim to replace the photo at least 4 times per year, as the seasons change.

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Published on: 9 Nov 2020

In the wake of numerous cybersecurity incidents affecting public organizations and close partners to McGill University, IT services encourages you to learn more about ransomware and how to protect against it:

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Published on: 2 Nov 2020

Starting on November 1st, 2020,  myCourses Learning Management System will support two-factor authentication (2FA), the security standard for authentication across universities and business sectors.

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Published on: 28 Oct 2020

SPSS statistics software is now available for students to download and install on their personal computers!

 SPSS has always been available to faculty and staff members, and was previously only available to students in computer labs on campus.

The expansion of our license to include home use by students is especially welcome as we are all working and studying remotely. SPSS may not be used for commercial purposes.

Download SPSS and find out more about software available to you.

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Published on: 2 Oct 2020

Find out what you may have missed...

Despite working from home, IT Services has proven we can be just as productive, if not more! Since April 2020, we have released over 25 new and updated services. Some were driven by the need to quickly ramp up for remote learning and collaboration, while others were scheduled long before COVID-19 and social distancing came into our lives.

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Published on: 1 Oct 2020

The D2 upgrade has been completed successfully!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The first time you sign into D2, you may see a spinning D2 logo; refresh your browser by holding down the Ctrl and function-F5 keys.


Original announcement (September 24, 2020)

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Published on: 30 Sep 2020

Update: September 18, 2020

On September 30, 2020 IT IT Services will be decommissioning the residences' Wi-Fi network It has been replaced with the improved service My Wifi Device (see full details in the message, below).

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Published on: 18 Sep 2020

Please note that we are currently receiving a higher than usual volume of tickets and calls. As a result, response times may be longer than expected. If you have a question, we urge you to check our knowledge base on the IT Support site first, and only call in for urgent issues. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Published on: 14 Sep 2020

NOTE: The average expected time for lecture recordings to be processed before appearing on myCourses is 24-48 hours; however, there may be additional delays due to heavy usage of the Zoom service.

As the Fall term starts, the IT Service Desk has been receiving reports from both students and instructors having difficulties accessing their lectures recorded with Zoom. Some issues are due to system problems, which we are addressing; others can be avoided by following the tips below.

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Published on: 9 Sep 2020

The McGill in Mind site has been decommissioned and a brand new student recruitment site is coming soon.

Prospective students: Join us at to learn more about virtual tours, information sessions and events or join our mailing list at 

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Published on: 2 Sep 2020


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