Une deuxième vie pour les plumes de poulets

Published: 22Aug2018

Les fermes du Québec génèrent chaque année 75 millions de tonnes de plumes de poulets! Une partie est réduite en farine et ajoutée à la nourriture animale, mais le reste finit souvent dans les...

Second Annual McGill E-Waste Collection event hosted by Reboot McGill


Drop off your old computers and other personal electronic gadgets on campus during this unique two day event!

Reducing water scarcity possible by 2050

Published: 29Aug2014

Water scarcity is not a problem just for the developing world. In California, legislators are currently proposing a $7.5 billion emergency water plan to their voters; and U.S. federal officials...

A more sustainable way to refine metals

Published: 7Jun2017

A team of chemists in Canada has developed a way to process metals without using toxic solvents and reagents. The system, which also consumes far less energy than conventional techniques, could...