World-leading exoplanet researcher recognized by NSERC for visionary science as well as commitment to public outreach and equity activities

By Junji Nishihata, Senior Communications Adviser, Office of Research and Innovation

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Published on: 3 Nov 2023

World-leading exoplanet researcher recognized by NSERC for visionary science as well as commitment to public outreach and equity activities

McGill University today announced that Professor Nicolas Cowan has received the 2023 Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship from NSERC. These prestigious fellowships are awarded annually to early-stage academic researchers in the natural sciences and engineering.

Published on: 1 Nov 2023

As McGill prepares to launch its own sustainable lab certification program, six research teams tested the waters to see what it takes to go green.

Six laboratory teams at McGill recently completed a year-long endeavor to get certified with My Green Lab, an internationally recognized online program the provides lab users with actionable ways to implement meaningful change. From waste reduction to fieldwork, this certification system gives researchers clear ways to assess their current lab practices and make improvements.

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Published on: 18 May 2023

The results are in for the 2023 Principal’s Prize for Public Engagement through Media and STEMM Diversity@McGill is among the runners-up recognized in the Group category. 

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Published on: 31 Mar 2023

The Brace Water Centre (Brace) welcomes members from the McGill research community who are working on water-related issues. Membership is open to faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and graduate students. 

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Published on: 10 Mar 2023

Office of Science Education Student Engagement Administrator Ezelbahar Metin and Communications Assistant Bhavya Bhushan sat down with presenters to discuss the upcoming Undergraduate Poster Showcase. This year, the highly-anticipated hybrid event will be hosted on March 15, 6-8 PM ET in the University Centre (SSMU) Ballroom and via livestream. Register here to attend:

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Published on: 3 Mar 2023

Data and collaboration are key in science – so why not use both to drive change in teaching and learning at the Faculty of Science at McGill? FSCI 396 – Research Project in Science Teaching and Learning is a course that partners undergraduate students and instructors to design and assess learning opportunities, resulting in improvements for everyone.

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Published on: 6 Feb 2023

Karine Auclair, professor in the Department of Chemistry, is the 2023 recipient for the Clara Benson Award from the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC). 

Sponsored by the Canadian Council of University Chemistry Chairs (CCUCC), the Clara Benson Award is presented to recognize a woman who has made a distinguished contribution to chemistry while working in Canada.

Here is what the CIC had to say about Auclair's work:

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Published on: 20 Jan 2023

The 2022 United Nations Biodiversity Conference of the Parties (COP15) was held in Montreal on December 7-19, 2022. The conference’s outcome agreement, known as “30×30” means the protection of 30 per cent of land and oceans by 2030.

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Published on: 13 Jan 2023

How much wetland we should protect or restore is not a simple question, such that conservation targets are often set according to political agendas, then standardized globally. However, given their key regulating hydrological functions, wetlands represent nature-based solutions to the anticipated, exacerbating effect of climate change on drought and flood events, which will vary at the regional scale. 

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Published on: 10 Jan 2023

According to new research co-authored by McGill University's Associate Professor Signy Sheldon (Psychology), older adults’ ability to retrieve episodic autobiographical events, although often viewed through a lens of decline, reveals much about what is preserved and prioritized in cognitive aging.

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Published on: 10 Jan 2023

Using real geochemical data from the archaeological site of Itzan, Guatemala, and computer-generated artwork, PhD candidate Benjamin Keenan (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences) has produced a video that brings the ancient Mayan civilization to life. Funded by a FRQ DIALOGUE grant (the first for the Faculty of Science), his video has been shown at over 10 exhibitions and conferences, both locally and internationally. Learn more about Benjamin's project.

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Published on: 15 Nov 2022

Join five current Biology students as they share their stories of finding their place and pursuing diverse paths within the discipline in this new video: A Glimpse Into Biology at McGill. To learn more about the inspiration for this video, read Video marks launch of Department of Biology outreach campaign.

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Published on: 14 Oct 2022

We're looking for a Science Outreach Educator to join our team. They will assist the Faculty’s Science Outreach unit in promoting and enhancing the visibility of outreach, provide training opportunities to McGill students and staff using evidence-based best practices and assist with the communications and evaluation components of the Outreach program. Find out more.

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Published on: 6 Oct 2022
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