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Research shows a syllabus written in a warm, friendly style can enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

By Diane Dechief and Véronique Brulé

Instructors: think back to when you were an undergraduate. Do you remember how you felt as you read the syllabi for your courses? Hopefully there were feelings of excitement and intrigue. But perhaps there was also confusion or worry that certain classes weren't really what you’d thought you were signing up for.

Published on: 16 Dec 2021

Wondering how to better support transgender, two-spirit, and non-binary students? Check out these resources for instructors to learn about strategies and resources for creating a more inclusive classroom environment.

Published on: 15 Nov 2021

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Nov 8, 2021 at 9:38am:

Due to a system problem, the Teaching and Learning KB is only accessible once you are connected to the McGill Network. If you are off campus, you will need to connect to the VPN. We will update you when the problem is fixed.

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Published on: 8 Nov 2021

Part 2: Considerations for Online Course Delivery

By Hilary Sweatman, Jacqueline Kort Mascort, Véronique Brulé, Jennie Ferris

Published on: 30 Sep 2021

Part 1: Engaging Students Online

By Jacqueline Kort Mascort, Hilary Sweatman, Véronique Brulé, Jennie Ferris

Published on: 28 Sep 2021

Marina Nysten and Joyce Wu are the co-founders of the McGill Scientific Writing Initiative (MSWI), a student-run organization dedicated to promoting effective science communication at McGill and beyond. The Office of Science Education recently collaborated with MSWI, which concluded its first year in service to the student body. Here, Marina and Joyce reflect on MSWI’s inaugural year and future plans as recent McGill alumni.

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Published on: 27 Sep 2021

Looking for information on how to plan learning activities? Wondering how to integrate myCourses and other tools into your teaching? 

TLS’ newly unveiled Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base offers a comprehensive collection of information about course planning, course implementation, and online learning tools available to instructors. This repository aggregates instructor documentation and teaching recommendations from multiple sources, such as the IT Knowledge Base and the TLS website.  

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Published on: 18 Aug 2021

By Catherine Wang

Will classes be in-person? How do labs work? How will I make friends? How do I keep up with so many courses? These are some of the questions that students have as they prepare for their first year at McGill. On June 11, 2021, the Office of Science Education’s Incoming Students Panel brought together professors, current students and staff to respond to these questions and give around 300 incoming students a sneak peek of the school year to come.

Published on: 8 Jul 2021

Launched by the Faculty of Science in Fall 2020, SciLearn is a new way of helping incoming students make the transition to university study.

Published on: 9 Jun 2021

McGill Science student Catherine Wang attended the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Poster Showcase to support her peers. Here, she shares her impressions of the event.

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Published on: 21 Apr 2021

BIOL 201 students baked protein-shaped cookies so good even Chef Bruno Feldeisen from The Great Canadian Baking Show couldn't resist.

Published on: 24 Mar 2021

Office of Science Education Communications Assistant Brent Jamsa sat down with four students to discuss their upcoming presentations at the second annual Undergraduate Poster Showcase. This year, the highly-anticipated event will be hosted on March 16, 6-8 PM EST via Zoom. Register here to attend: https://mcgill.ca/x/odx.

Published on: 9 Mar 2021


Lucia Wang, master’s student in Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill, shares her perspective on the role of equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM education.

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Published on: 22 Feb 2021

Welcome back! As classes begin we wanted to help you get the semester off on the right foot by offering a list of ten recommendations that can help you have a successful semester teaching. 

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Published on: 7 Jan 2021


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