New funding program launching for undergraduate students

Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL) is pleased to announce the launch of the 2024 HBHL Undergraduate Summer Research Internship. Created in collaboration between HBHL and the HBHL Trainee Committee, this opportunity aims to include students at all levels in brain health research, providing McGill undergraduate students with a hands-on research experience.

Published on: 7 Feb 2024

Le programme SciLearn du Bureau de l’enseignement des sciences (Office of Science Education) à l’université McGill a été mis en vedette lors du dernier épisode de Les années lumière sur Radio-Canada:

Depuis quelques années, les nouveaux étudiants en science de l'université McGill se voient offrir des stratégies d'apprentissage tirées directement de la recherche en neuroscience.

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Published on: 11 Apr 2023

Worried about the climate crisis? Want to learn about climate change from experts and explore what you can do about it?

McGill has a course for you.

The primary goal of FSCI198: Climate Crisis and Climate Actions is to enable students to find enough hope to want to engage with the climate crisis.

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Published on: 22 Mar 2023

Office of Science Education Student Engagement Administrator Ezelbahar Metin and Communications Assistant Bhavya Bhushan sat down with presenters to discuss the upcoming Undergraduate Poster Showcase. This year, the highly-anticipated hybrid event will be hosted on March 15, 6-8 PM ET in the University Centre (SSMU) Ballroom and via livestream. Register here to attend:

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Published on: 3 Mar 2023

Forty-five undergraduate students at McGill participated in new Climate Crisis and Climate Actions course

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down almost everything. For Diane Dechief, PhD, and Marcy Slapcoff of the Office of Science Education (OSE), the two leads of the new Faculty of Science course FSCI198: Climate Crisis and Climate Actions, there was a positive aspect to the delays.

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Published on: 10 Feb 2023

Data and collaboration are key in science – so why not use both to drive change in teaching and learning at the Faculty of Science at McGill? FSCI 396 – Research Project in Science Teaching and Learning is a course that partners undergraduate students and instructors to design and assess learning opportunities, resulting in improvements for everyone.

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Published on: 6 Feb 2023

Captain Catalyst (aka Steve Rosenstein from Montreal) has won the 2019 Youth Mentor Award from the Canadian Wildlife Federation. This award honours an individual who has made significant contribution in creating and/or presenting programs that introduce young people to the importance of conservation, habitat or wildlife. Captain Catalyst regularly presents his Science Playground at the Redpath Museum and in many Montreal area Daycares and schools.

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Published on: 24 Apr 2020
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