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Expert: World's largest active volcano erupts in Hawaii

Published: 29Nov2022

Early Tuesday, lava is shooting 100 feet to 200 feet (30 to 60 metres) into the air as Hawaii's Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano, erupts for the first time in nearly 40 years. (CTV) ...

Combining Art with Science

Published: 15Nov2022

Using real geochemical data from the archaeological site of Itzan, Guatemala, and computer-generated artwork, PhD candidate Benjamin Keenan (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences) has produced...

Researchers' Night at the Botanical Gardens


What do toads, toothbrushes and telemetry have in common?Montreal Botanical Gardens, 4101 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, QC, H1X 2B2, CA/scienceCategory: Redpath Museum Science Science Outreach

Sea level rise: rapid and unstoppable unless Paris Agreement targets met

Published: 16Sep2022

Image Caption: The Mackenzie River Delta on the Beaufort Sea, a low-lying region in the Canadian Arctic that is vulnerable to rising seas in a warming climate. CREDIT: Nadia and Harold Gomez

Family Science Activities: 24h de science


Join McGill Chemistry, the Redpath Museum, Physics Matters, BrainReach, the Gault Nature Reserve and Earth and Planetary Sciences for fun family science activities during 24h de science!...

McGill CRCs awarded in the 2020-2022 Cycle and NFRF-Transformation Results

Published: 12Jan2022

On January 12, the Federal Government announced more than $295 million for science, research, and engineering in Canada through the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) 2020-2 cycle, the New Frontiers in...

New Type of Earthquake Discovered

Published: 6Dec2021

International team including McGill researchers has discovered a new type of seismic event. The existence of these hydraulic fracturing-induced earthquakes supports a scientific theory that until...

The global ocean out of balance

Published: 10Nov2021

Surprising as it sounds, all life forms in the ocean, from small krill to large tuna, seem to obey a simple mathematical law that links an organism’s abundance to its body size. For example,...

Diet restricted size of hunter-gatherer societies

Published: 8Nov2021

Short growing seasons limited the possible size of hunter-gatherer societies by forcing people to rely on meat, according to a recent study by a team of international researchers, including McGill...


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