The Science (Students) of Course Change – FSCI 396 Research Projects

Published: 6 February 2023

Data and collaboration are key in science – so why not use both to drive change in teaching and learning at the Faculty of Science at McGill? FSCI 396 – Research Project in Science Teaching and Learning is a course that partners undergraduate students and instructors to design and assess learning opportunities, resulting in improvements for everyone.

This visual is the first post in a series that will showcase Fall 2022 FSCI 396 student-illustrated abstracts of their research projects. It sets the context for their work by explaining FSCI 396 itself: its goals and its framework of students as partners in the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as offering some examples of partnerships and projects completed in the past. Click on the image to see the full visual.

Curious to know more? Check out the FSCI 396 page on the Office of Science Education website ( ) or contact the FSCI 396 course coordinator, Tamara Western (tamara.western [at] ).

About the author:

Tamara Western is an Associate Professor in the Biology Department and a Learning Innovation Specialist with the Office of Science Education at McGill University. She has been working with students as partners in pedagogical change since 2018 and is the founder and course coordinator of FSCI 396 / 397 / 398 – Research Project in Science Teaching and Learning 1/2/3.

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