Through the choices we offer, we seek to nurture an appetite for learning about, and connecting with, the food that we eat. We encourage students to reduce landfill space by disposing of their leftovers in one of our eco stations; you'll find designated sections for garbage, recycling, and composting. Small changes = big results! 

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Green practices

Whether it's providing composting and eco stations, Ozzi machines and reusable Preserve 2 Go food containers, we're committed to staying up to date on waste management trends.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ozzi machines and Preserve 2 Go


McGill Feeding McGill

We care deeply about our impact on the well-being of our planet and our communities. This commitment includes adopting practices, relationships and priorities that promote ecological integrity, social justice, and secure livelihoods. 

McGill Feeding McGill

Local Sourcing

Sustainable food sourcing

As a certified Fair Trade Campus, we make it our mission to offer the community sustainable options like our fair trade, organic Roddick Roast coffee and MSC Certified sustainable seafood.

Roddick Roast Coffee

Fair Trade


Sustainability and Social Responsibility