Sustainability and Social Responsibility

McGill's Student Housing and Hospitality Services has always been committed to implementing sustainable practices. As the first Fair Trade Certified university in Quebec and the 5th in Canada, McGill takes pride in offering ethically sourced foods and beverages. A dedicated team of nutritionists, chefs, and dining hall staff work together to bring nutritious, flavourful meals to the student body and staff.

McGill's committment to buying and eating local food supports local farmers and producers, reduces greenhouse gas emissions related to agricultural transportation, and ensures a better food tracking system, which results in more nutritious produce.

SHHS prides itself on providing eco-friendly programs for our residence students. Eco-kits, eco-stations, Ozzi machines and reusable containers, and the Lug-a-Mug campaign allow students to be more mindful of their behaviors by adopting new practices. 

If you're in the market for healthy and sustainable food on campus, we've got your back! Each of our dining halls offer vegetarian/vegan dishes and programs such as Meatless Monday, where you can get a tasty vege meal for only $6. 

To help connect people to their food, SHHS hires student educators to engage students at events including Local Food Days and Meatless Mondays. Additionally, we hire Waste Educators to teach students how to sort their waste.