Dining hall menus

What’s cooking in our Residential Dining Halls?

Bishop Mountain Hall and Royal Victoria College dining halls operate on a four-week cycle menu while Carrefour Sherbrooke and New Residence dining halls offer new menus weekly.

Menus are designed with freshness and taste in mind but also provide options for those who have specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

Nutritional logos 

Consult our nutritional logos which identify the entrees that are vegan, vegetarian , MSC certified and more.


Vegan means primarily plant-based and exclude all animal products such as meat, poultry, fish , seafood, eggs and dairy products. Protein sources include beans, soybean and tofu derived products.



This logo is used when entrees are prepared without meat, poultry, fish and shellfish but may contain dairy products or eggs.

Made Without Gluten

Made without Gluten

This does NOT indicate gluten-free. As our production kitchens are not gluten-free areas, we cannot guarantee zero trace of gluten in our prepared meals and entrees. This logo confirms however that all ingredients used in the preparation are gluten-free.

Dairy Free

dairy free logo

If you're avoiding dairy products, this logo confirms that dairy-free entrees contain no milk, butter, cream or cheese.


Halal food logoHalal bone-in poultry is used in BMH and RVC dining halls.


MSC logo

     Responsibly sourced, sustainable fishing practices are guaranteed with this MSC certification.

Culinary Calendar of Events

Special thematic events are featured each month in all of our residential dining halls.

November 2022 calendar

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