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Mandatory Meal Plan

Mandatory Meal Plan

Let us do the cooking!

The Mandatory Residential Meal Plan allows you to spend more time on your studies and extracurricular activities.

pot boilingThe Mandatory Meal Plan applies to all students in undergraduate residences (except Solin Hall and MORE Houses) and it is assigned in conjunction with the building assignment.

If you are assigned the Mandatory Meal Plan, you do not have the option to opt out.

What you need to know

This plan is an introductory plan that provides a base amount. It is not designed to cover the cost of all your meals for the entire academic year. Most likely, you will need to top up or add food dollars at some point depending on your spending habits and food preferences. We strongly encourage that you take the time to budget and monitor your spending regularly.

  1. The Mandatory Meal Plan is a declining balance plan which means that funds are deducted from your account each time you purchase food on campus.
  2. It is a tax-exempt plan which means you save on the Federal and Provincial Sales taxes... almost a 15% saving.
  3. Taxable items such as chocolate bars, chips, soft drinks and ice cream  are excluded from the Mandatory Meal Plan when purchased alone or without a meal and these will be deducted from your oneCard.
  4. It’s so easy and convenient!  You can use your Mandatory Meal Plan in more than 20 different locations on both campuses.

Home base and Flex Accounts 2022-2023

Home Base Account Flex Account
These funds can be used in any of the five residential dining halls. Offers students the ability to dine in more than 20 on-campus locations, such as Starbucks and Quesada.
Your home base account is topped up with $2012.50 at the beginning of the fall and winter terms. Your flex account is preloaded on your ID card at the beginning of the fall and winter term with $350.00.
The funds in this account cannot be transferred over to the flex account. At the end of the fall term, the flex account balance will automatically be rolled over to the winter term.
At the end of the fall semester, your home base account balance will automatically be rolled over to the winter term.  

Important Considerations

Any balance leftover in your home base and/or flex accounts at the end of the winter term (April 30, 2023) will be transferred to the Rollover Plan. The balance in this account is non-refundable.

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