Whole nutritious food with a focus on local and fresh ingredients

Tasty vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are offered everyday.

Residential Dining Halls

Bishop Mountain Hall

Bishop Mouintain Hall3935 University (Google Map)
Monday-Friday: 7h30 – 21h30
Weekends: 10h30 - 20h00

Located at the foothills of Mont Royal, enjoy healthy and delicious meals and stunning views year-round.

Bishop Mountain Hall offers an array of homemade and locally sourced options that are made from scratch using fresh and unprocessed ingredients. Vegans and vegetarians are guaranteed to have multiple options available at every meal.

No time to dine in? Choose from our Grab and Go selection, which provides a taste of Montreal with favorites like Mandy’s Salads, Aux Vivres vegetarian bowls, sandwiches and much more!

Carrefour Sherbrooke

Dining Hall Sandwiches475 Sherbrooke St West (Google Map)
Monday-Friday: 8h00 - 20h30
Weekends: 10h30 - 20h30

Carrefour Sherbrooke is committed to placing a strong emphasis on sustainability.

We feature locally grown and harvested food prepared to order. Local produce, Fair-Trade coffee, cage-free whole eggs, and sustainable seafood are all available.

This dining hall also hosts the Mexican inspired-chain Quesada . Build your own burritos, tacos, bowls, nachos, and more.

Douglas Hall 

Douglas Hall dining hall3851 Rue University (Google Map)

The beautiful architectural details of Douglas Hall's intimate dining room enhance the dining experience.

With a menu very similar to that of Bishop Mountain Hall's, homemade comfort foods and plentiful options for vegetarians are offered every day.

New Residence Hall

Let's make a sandwich3625 Park Ave (Google Map)
Monday-Friday: 8h00 - 20h30
Weekends: 10h30 - 20h30

This “marketplace” concept dining hall features numerous healthy vegan and vegetarian options, custom sandwiches, made to order pizza and more.

Our grill section, by far the most popular, features everything from fresh salmon to filet mignon, for those times when you want to treat yourself to something extra special!

Royal Victoria College

residence dining hall641 Sherbrooke St West (Google Map)
Monday-Friday: 7h30 – 21h30
Weekends: 10h30 - 20h00

What differentiates RVC from the other dining halls is the large number of food stations and the large selection of fresh, local and healthy options available every day. Come and taste the difference and enjoy our home cooked meals, soups, home roasted meats and more.


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