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We are committed to providing food options to our Muslim students. Halal meal options are available throughout the week in our residential dining halls and at Mezze cafe.

Please consult our dining hall weekly menus for more information. 

Look for the Halal logo on the menus and in the food locations on campus.

chicken pita

Halal Food/Meals Available On Campus

Dining hall weekly menus identify the meals that are prepared using the following Halal meats.

Dining Halls

All dining hall identify meals prepared using locally raised Halal certified meats such as

  • beef
  • chicken
  • veal 
  • lamb

Mezze Café at McConnell Engineering building

  • 100% Halal-certified meat


Halal Food Meals Off Campus - oneCard accepted 


  • 3507 Avenue du Parc

  • 666 rue Sherbrooke Ouest

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