Hours of Service

Dining Halls | Residence Cafés | On Campus Retail Locations

Dining Halls

  • Bishop Mountain Dining Hall 3935 University
  • New Residence Hall 3625 Park Avenue
  • Royal Victoria College 641 Sherbrooke
Pantry Operating hours Weekday Breakfast
Hot Meal Service
Weekday Lunch
Hot Meal Service
Weekday Dinner
Hot Meal Service
Weekend Hot Meal Service

Mon-Fri  7h30-21h

Weekend: 10h30-21h

7h30-10h30 11h-14h 17h-20h30 Brunch: 10h30-21h
Dinner: 17h-20h30
  • Carrefour Sherbrooke 475 Sherbrooke
Pantry Operating hours Weekday Lunch
Hot Meal Service
Weekday Dinner
Hot Meal Service

Mon-Fri 7h30-21h

Weekend: 10h30-21h

11h-14h 17h-20h30

Residence Cafés

  • Douglas Hall Café* 3851 University Street
  • La Citadelle Café 410 Sherbrooke West
Pantry Operating hours

Weekdays: 7h30-13h30

Weekend: CLOSED

On Campus Retail Locations

RETAIL LOCATIONS Monday - Friday Weekend
Bio Café
Stewart Biology Building
8h-16h CLOSED
Café T.W.I.G.S
Barton Macdonald Stewart Building
at Macdonald Campus
8h-17h CLOSED
Dispatch Café
McConnell Engineering
Mon- Thurs:8h-18h;
Fridays: 8h-16h
Law Café
Chancellor Day Hall
8h-15h CLOSED
Med Café
McIntyre Medical Building
8 h-16h CLOSED
Mezze Café
McConnell Engineering Building
Mon- Thurs: 8h-17
Fridays: 8h-14h
Quesada at Trottier
Trottier Building
Mon- Thurs: 11h-17
Fridays: 11h-14h
Redpath Café
Redpath Library
Mon- Thurs: 9h-17
Fridays: 9h-15h
Soupe Café
at Athletics
at Burnside Hall
at Education

Mon- Thurs 7h30-17h30
Fridays: 7h30-14h

Mon- Thurs 8h30-18h30
Fridays: 8h30-14h

Education: 8h30 -18h

Carrefour Sherbrooke Residence
8h-16h 9h-15h
Arts Building
10h-18h CLOSED
Vinh’s Café
Genome Building & Strathcona Music Building
10h-17h CLOSED
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