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Kosher options for residence students on the Mandatory Meal Plan

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  • Downtown residence student on the mandatory meal plan who keeps Kosher and follow strict dietary restrictions according to Jewish Law have the option to purchase a Kosher Meal Plan in September.

The Kosher Meal Plan has the same cost as the All You Care To Eat mandatory meal plan but it is a declining balance meal plan on the oneCard account:: 

$3,450 due at the end of September
(Half of the total Kosher Meal Plan oneCard dollars & mandatory $500 residence oneCard dollars)

$2,850 due at the end of January
(Half of the total Kosher Meal Plan oneCard dollars)

  • The amount deducted at the dining halls is determined by the meal period:
    • Breakfast: $9.95
    • Lunch: $12.95
    • Dinner: $14.95
  • The oneCard account allows you to eat Kosher meals at our off-campus Jewish/Kosher food location Le PlezL/ Chabad House

For the full terms and conditions see the Kosher meal plan.

Kosher options for non-residence students with a oneCard account

Le Plezl is conveniently located close to campus and offers an assortment of Kosher meal options. Serving the simple flavors of the Mediterranean region from Italy to Israel, with a vibrant flair of California and Mexican inspired cuisine. The result is an eclectic cuisine with a modern aesthetic inspired by tradition for taste you can savor.

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