Checking your Balance and Viewing Transactions

You can view your account balance on your sales receipt each time you make a purchase with your oneCard. 

You can also view your account balance and your transaction history by logging onto the secure McGill oneCard website, anytime, 24/7.

Topping Up

You can upload additional  oneCard dollars, day or night, simply by logging on to the secure McGill oneCard website.

  • Funds can be added by credit card only.
  • The charge will be included in your monthly credit card statement.
  • A minimum deposit of $50 is required when adding funds online.
  • Your funds will be activated immediately.

Lost or stolen cards

First, call security and inform them of your lost card. You are responsible for all transactions made prior to the card being deactivated.

Getting a Replacement Card

To get a new oneCard, go to Service Point during office hours.

You will need two government-issued photo identification cards, at least one with your photo is needed to get a replacement card.

A $25 fee (tax included) applies for all replacement cards. The funds left on your old oneCard will automatically be transferred to your new one.   

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