We are proud to be SPE certified.  

SPE (Health through Food) is a unique third party certification program that evaluated our commitment to sustainability and nutrition. 

High-Quality, Nutritious Options

At Student Housing and Hospitality Services, nutrition and sustainability go hand and hand. We are committed to offering healthy food choices that are both good for you and the planet.

We take great care in choosing quality ingredients and offer well-balanced and healthy menus that meet the needs of our campus community. Our very own MAC farm on the Macdonald campus supplies us with fresh local produce for most of the fall semester as well as eggs year round.

Our chefs and their teams encourage cooking in natural and healthy ways to create balanced meals that are rich in fresh produce, whole grains, lean and plant-based proteins. More specifically, we are committed to: 

  • Healthier daily choices: Our menus are based on the principles of Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide, freshly prepared from scratch using healthy cooking techniques. Local produce are sourced regularly
  • Delicious and nutritious grab and go items: Whether it’s our all natural, no added sugar fruit smoothies, nutrient-packed salads and sandwiches, students can choose from an array of options when pressed for time
  • Vegan and vegetarian entrees everyday:  Eating less meat is good for your health and for our environment. We provide tasty vegetarian and vegan options everywhere on campus.  Cut meat once a week with our Meatless Monday $6 lunch deal offered in our dining halls.
  • Seasonal local fruits and vegetables sourced directly from Mac Farm on the Macdonald campus
  • Nutritional logos let you identify the ingredients in your meal and help you make informed decisions
  • Daily fresh salad bars available in all five residential dining halls
  • Healthy cooking methods such as grilling, broiling and baking are used whenever possible​


Do you have special dietary needs? Our on staff nutritionists can help and  assist you. Fill out our online talk2Us webform to make an appointment.