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Professionals and researchers from around the world will be coming together in April to reflect on the ideological nature of translation and the ways in which engaged translators have promoted a wide variety of conceptual agendas throughout history.  Researchers and practicing translators will reflect on translations as artefacts of sociopolitical change.

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Published on: 7 Mar 2018

Océane Marescal outlined how science students can improve their writing skills in The McGill Tribune. The McGill Writing Center offers several courses that greatly benefit those who wish to make writing one of their strengths. The article outlines relevant courses to science majors.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Dr. James Archibald has been appointed to the ISO/TC 37 mirror committee on language and terminology in The Standards Council of Canada. The Standards Council of Canada is the Canadian arm of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the ISO/TC 37 has published internationally recognized standards on a variety of translation-related issues and technologies.

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Published on: 22 Jan 2018

Earlier today, representatives from DeepMind, the City of Montreal, and others joined McGill School of Continuing Studies students and faculty to announce the launch of two new programs in data science.

The Professional Development Certificate in Data Science and Machine Learning is designed to equip learners with essential data science knowledge and skills required to manage, manipulate, analyze and extract value from data.

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Published on: 10 Jan 2018

Read an interview with McGill School of Continuing Studies' former director of Translation Studies, James Archibald, in Métro. The flexibility of the program, along with the internship component and use of innovative software, was highlighted.

The article is available in French only. Click here to read the article.


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Published on: 10 Jan 2018

Students completing the Graduate Diploma in Translation (GDIT) must sit a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the GDIT Program.  The examination consists of an oral defense of a best-work portfolio.  This portfolio represents a record of progress made by the candidate throughout his/her studies.  Each candidate prepares a written introduction and comments on selected examples of coursework with a view to demonstrating his/her progress toward greater translation competence.

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Published on: 5 Dec 2017

 Hélène Roulston and Cheryl Smeall at the 2017 McGill Associates Prize in Translation reception. Hélène Roulston and Cheryl Smeall at the 2017 McGill Associates Prize in Translation reception.Translation is elemental to the economic and social fabric of Canadian society.

Published on: 4 Dec 2017

At the Project Management Institute (PMI) soirée de reconnaissance académique, Mery Carolina Vasquez Cruz was awarded the Prix de la relève on behalf of McGill and PMI. She graduated from McGill's School of Continuing Studies with a professional development certificate in project management and launched her own consulting company.

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Published on: 28 Nov 2017

par Carlos Del Burgo, terminologue agréé, traducteur agréé.

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Published on: 24 Oct 2017

The following announcement was originally posted in April 2017:

As of May 3, 2017, students who are members of the following groups will not be able to access the uPrint machines on campus with their McGill ID Card, or their McGill username and password:

 - Exchange students
 - Inter-University Transfer students
 - Special and Visiting students in the School of Continuing Studies
 - Special intensive English and French programs in the School of Continuing Studies

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Published on: 12 Sep 2017

J. Archibald, senior faculty lecturer in translation studies at McGill University,  has been appointed to the Advisory Board for a collection on language, translation and language didactics, Lingua Traduzione Didattica, published by FrancoAngeli, an Italian academic publishing house.

Published on: 10 Aug 2017

New MACES Health and Dental Plan for all qualifying students beginning September 1st, 2017. More information can be found online.

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Published on: 9 Aug 2017

McGill University’s new Graduate Certificate in Legal Translation is intended to support current or aspiring professionals and paraprofessionals whose work does or may consist in the bi-or multi-lingual drafting and translation of legal documents used in public, private and parapublic organizations.

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Published on: 5 Jul 2017

This week, the Association canadienne d’éducation des adultes des universités de langue française (l’ACDEAULF) awarded the Prix d’excellence 2017  under the category of “Établissement” to McGill’s School of Continuing Studies for its “Anglais Santé” program.

This Prize is awarded to a francophone or bilingual Canadian university for a particular achievement or for a contribution aimed at the development of adult education among the French-speaking population.

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Published on: 4 Jul 2017

What range of skills contribute to making a successful translator? According to Jean Massicotte, his understanding of linguistics, science, writing techniques and project management paved the way to success. Massicotte is the 2017 recipient of the McGill Associates Prize in Translation (English-French). He received this distinction at the spring graduation ceremony when he was awarded a Certificate in Translation in the English to French option.

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Published on: 27 Jun 2017