DATE: October 17th 2023 | TIME: 2:00pm (EST) |  Location: Macdonald Engineering Building RM: 497

Present by Professor Søren Husted

Free Hybrid Seminar- Available on zoom

Classified as: Nanotechnology, Sustainability, agriculture, campus crops, microplastics
Published on: 26 Sep 2023

The Brace Water Centre (Brace) welcomes members from the McGill research community who are working on water-related issues. Membership is open to faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, research associates and graduate students. 

Classified as: Water Conservation, water resources, water resources management, water
Published on: 10 Mar 2023

Congratulations to Prof. Alejandro Rey for winning the 2018 Raices Award for International Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation,

Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry of Argentina (McGill  Bravo 2019)

Published on: 3 Apr 2019

Prof. Kopyscinski receives the 2018 Imperial Oil University Research Award for the development of GaN catalysts for the direct non-oxidative methane activation! Congratulations!

Published on: 20 Sep 2018

Prof. Sylvain Coulombe has been appointed as Associate Vice-Principal, Innovation and Partnerships for a five-year term. Congratulations!

Published on: 12 Sep 2018

Prof. Servio has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor. Congratulations!

Published on: 12 Sep 2018

Welcome to our new website! 

Published on: 1 May 2017

Who hasn’t lived through the frustrating experience of being without a phone after forgetting to recharge it? This could one day be a thing of the past thanks to technology being developed by Hydro-Québec and McGill University.

Lithium-ion batteries have allowed the rapid proliferation of all kinds of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers. These tools however require frequent re-charging because of the limited energy density of their batteries.

Classified as: Battery, self-charging, George Demopoulos, Mining and Materials Engineering, Hydro Québec
Published on: 24 Apr 2017

 Michael Johnson) The Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED) is pleased to announce that Dr.

Classified as: Sustainability, TISED, Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design
Published on: 8 Jan 2015
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