TISEDTalk: How do we unleash the potential of nano-fertilization to improve the environmental sustainability of agricultural crop production?

Published: 26 September 2023

DATE: October 17th 2023 | TIME: 2:00pm (EST) |  Location: Macdonald Engineering Building RM: 497

Present by Professor Søren Husted

Free Hybrid Seminar- Available on zoom

Despite progress in improving fertilizers, the persistent problem of poor nutrient use efficiency (NUE) in agriculture remains a major obstacle to sustainability. Traditional fertilizers suffer from limitations like nutrient fixation, leaching, and volatilization, resulting in only 50% of nitrogen being effectively utilized, causing environmental damage and economic losses. Nanotechnology offers a promising solution, with recent advances enabling precise nutrient delivery through nanofertilizers tailored to crop needs.

This presentation highlights how nanotechnology is being used in plant nutrition, discussing progress and challenges in developing biocompatible foliar and soil-based nanofertilizers to boost nutrient uptake in vital crops.

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