Each year, Lactanet recognizes top performing herds and outstanding dairy herd management based on the Herd Performance Index.  McGill's Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is very proud to share Macdonald Campus Farm’s results for 2023 and to underline the farm’s ranking:

  • 1 of 29 herds in Vaudreuil−Soulanges

  • 4 of 189 herds in the Montérégie−Ouest region

Published on: 28 Feb 2024

The Macdonald Campus Dairy Unit has once again been named one of the best in the region at the 35th Agropur Club of Excellence for Milk Quality Awards.

Published on: 6 Dec 2023

The apple is constantly being reinvented, changing with the times and cultures. The Malus domestica species comes in some 7,500 varieties.

"Today, people want crisp, sweet apples. Quebec used to import a lot of Granny Smiths; they're now much less popular because they're very acidic," explains David Wees, a McGill Plant Science lecturer and Associate Director of the university's Farm Management and Technology Program.

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Published on: 11 Oct 2023

Here's a feast for your eyes on this chilly February morning. Join Mike Bleho for a trip back to the sweltering summer of 2020 to see the construction of a couple of new structures at the Hort Centre - a low input high tunnel and a greenhouse. Thanks to this new infrastructure, the team produced tomatoes right up until the first week of November! The project came together thanks to the dedicated efforts of our staff and students and was supported by the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund. 

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Published on: 18 Feb 2021

Animal-friendly fences, optimized water use and rotational grazing systems help make the Mac dairy herd more sustainable overall

“This system of pasturing uses the cattle to manage grass growth, and in return, the cattle get highly nutritious grass at the peak of quality while spending the spring, summer and fall outside in a natural environment,” says [Farm Manager, Paul] Meldrum of the Project which received funding from the University’s Sustainability Projects Fund.

Classified as: dairy production, sustainable pasture systems
Published on: 18 Feb 2021

The Ecological Improvement of Dairy Cow Pastures project has created a sustainable pasture system at the Macdonald Campus Farm which features a rotational grazing system for cattle, the addition of approximately 700 trees and shrubs, the installation of water lines for access to fresh water, and the purchase of a mobile shade umbrella to protect cattle from the sun. The re-design of the pastures has led to improved animal well-being and reduced machinery usage.

Classified as: sustainable pasture systems, Cow comfort and management
Published on: 25 Nov 2020

As Coordinator of the Horticulture Research Centre at the Macdonald Campus Farm, Michael [Bleho] has demonstrated his commitment to sustainability through his daily interactions with students and his work making the agricultural process more eco-friendly throughout his 30 years at the Centre. Michael was a driving force in establishing ‘McGill Feeding McGill’, an initiative which directly provides Macdonald Campus produce to campus dining halls.

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Published on: 25 Nov 2020

« Depuis 30 ans, je prends soin du verger de McGill, confie fièrement Michael Bleho, coordonnateur du Centre de recherche horticole de l’Université McGill. J’adore travailler avec les pommiers! » Débordant d’enthousiasme, il annonce ainsi l’aboutissement d’un projet colossal : planter un nouveau verger pour l’université.

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Published on: 13 Dec 2019

Congratulations to Mac Farm Staffer Martin Chaumont recipient of the Principal’s Award for Administrative and Support Staff (Technical Assistants, Library Assistants and Nurses Category)!

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Published on: 31 Oct 2019

[Paul Meldrum, Macdonald Campus Farm Manager, is a familiar and friendly face to many staff and students on campus - He describes his experience working with students at the farm: "I am very proud of our students. They inspire me and give me confidence in the future."]

Paul Meldrum est un vrai passionné. Après avoir mené de front, pendant 22 ans, le métier d’éleveur de vaches laitières et de journaliste spécialisé en agriculture, il a été engagé par la ferme du Campus Macdonald en 2004. Et il en assure la direction – avec un enthousiasme évident – depuis 11 ans.

Published on: 21 Feb 2019

La Ferme Macdonald College fait partie des seize fermes laitières qui ont reçu les grands honneurs à l’occasion du 30e Gala du Club de l’Excellence d’Agropur, tenu à Québec le 25 janvier dernier. Cet événement a rendu hommage aux fermes laitières, membres d’Agropur, ayant enregistré les meilleurs résultats en matière de qualité. Lors de l’évènement, la Ferme Macdonald College a été intronisée au Club de l’Excellence d’Agropur.

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Published on: 14 Feb 2019

Le campus Macdonald de l’Université McGill disposera bientôt d’un nouvel espace pour faire connaître au grand public la vraie nature de l’agriculture moderne.  ...

Classified as: Macdonald Fam Community Engagement Centre, Centre d'engagement communautaire de la ferme Macdonald
Published on: 21 Sep 2018

Le dimanche 9 septembre , de 10 h à 16 h, c’est un rendez-vous sur plus de 100 fermes partout au Québec et au Parc olympique de Montréal pour la 16e édition des Portes ouvertes sur les fermes du Québec....Présenté par l’UPA depuis 2003, cet événement familial gratuit permet de visiter des fermes qui en plus de leur accueil offrent des dégustations de produits régionaux, démonstrations agricoles, rencontres avec des experts tels que vétérinaires et agronomes et, surtout, un contact privilégié avec les gens de passion qui se cachent derrière nos bons produits d’ici.

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Published on: 20 Aug 2018


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