A wideshot showing the Mac campus farm on a sunny day.

Welcome to Macdonald Campus Farm

The Macdonald Campus Farm is a dynamic hub for agricultural and environmental innovation, serving as both a vital research facility and an invaluable educational resource. The farm is a living laboratory where cutting-edge research meets practical application, driving advancements in areas such as climate-smart agriculture and animal welfare. It is here that the future of sustainable farming is being shaped, with every discovery contributing to a more resilient and sustainable world.

Current operations at the University Farm include an award-winning dairy herd, a poultry facility (under renovation), a large animal research unit, a horticulture research centre and market, and the Emile A. Lods agronomy research centre, all on 240 hectares of land in an urban setting. The farmland is devoted to the production of grains and forages for the farm, pasture for animals, research plots and student demonstration gardens. The farm is operated by 14 full-time employees and close to 50 student and casual employees.

Anja Geitmann

"The Macdonald Campus Farm plays a significant role, not only in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, but as a showcase of sound agricultural practices to both farmers and the general public."

Anja Geitmann, Interim Vice-President (Global Engagement), McGill University
Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Biomechanics of Plant Development


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