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The Farm Management and Technology program develops students' professional competencies needed to operate and manage a modern agricultural enterprise. Over three years students study a sequence of courses in soil, plant and animal science, engineering and management. We also aim to sharpen the student’s entrepreneurial skills, personal growth and the ability to adapt to a changing world.

Aerial view of Macdonald campus with its dairy barn and fields

In-person campus tours are back!

If you would like to visit Macdonald campus with its facilities, dairy barn and horticulture centre, contact our fmt.macdonald [at] (recruiter) for an appointment.

Farm Management and Technology Program

The Farm Management and Technology (FMT) Program is a 3-year academic and practical college program offered on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University.

Building on the solid standards of excellence in education, hands-on experience, and analytical thinking for which we are known, the Farm Management and Technology program reflects the needs of today's farm business operators. 

Program code: 152.B0. Institution Code for Quebec student loans (AFE), Macdonald College: 699600.

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