Teaching Staff

Peter Enright

Director, Faculty Lecturer
Soil tillage. Conservation of soil and water. Farm building development. Entrepreneurship.
T: 514-398-7814   |   peter.enright [at] (Email)  Harrison House 1-03

David Wees

Associate Director, Faculty Lecturer, Academic Advisor
Horticulture production. Sweet potatoes. Urban agriculture. greenhouses.
T: 514-398-7756  |  david.wees [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 2-04

Caroline Begg

Director of Stage, Faculty Lecturer
Food security. Ecological agriculture production. Urban agriculture. Soil health and variability.
T: 514-398-8749  |  caroline.begg [at] (Email)  |  Raymond Building R2-028a

Mathieu Leduc

Faculty Lecturer
Field crop production. Pest management. Farm machinery and equipment. Farm safety.
T: 514-398-7814  |  mathieu.leduc1 [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 2-08

Christian Molgat

Faculty Lecturer
Livestock management: Nutrition. Genetic progress. Herd management. Animal welfare.
T: 514-398-7534  |  christian.molgat [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 2-05

Pascal Thériault

Faculty Lecturer
Agricultural economics. Farm business management. Agri-food marketing. Entrepreneurship. International trade. Food waste. Value chain management. Information Management.
T: 514-398-7816  |  pascal.theriault [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 2-09


Administrative Staff

Francine Lacelle

Adminstrative Secretary
Contact regarding general inquiries.
T: 514-398-7814  |  francine.lacelle [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 1-02

Caitlin MacDougall

Liaison Officer
Contact regarding all questions about admissions, recruitment events, communications, or campus visits.
T: 514-398-7818  |  caitlin.macdougall [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 2-03

Michelyne Martin

Student Affairs Coordinator
Contact regarding student accounts and fees, English Exit Exam, transcripts, or general inquiries.
T: 514-398-7814  |  michelyne.martin [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 1-04

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