Peter Enright

Peter Enright, FMT Director and Faculty Lecturer
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FMT Director, Faculty Lecturer             

T: 514-398-7814  |  peter.enright [at] (Email)  |  Harrison House 1-03      


BSc(AgrEng), MSc (McGill)

Awards and Recognition

2013: Jim Beamish Award from the Canadian Society of Bioengineering (CSB). Given annually to the CSB member who has produced outstanding work in industry, teaching, research, or by extension in the area of soil and water or environmental sciences.
2000: Canadian National Committee for Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID) Land Resources Management Award. Given to an individual who made an outstanding contribution toward the development, application, management, research or teaching in the management of land resources.


Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)
Canadian Society for Biological Engineering (CSBE) / La Société Canadienne de Génie Agroalimentaire et de Bioingénierie (SCGAB)
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)
Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) / Association canadienne des ressources hydriques (ACRH)
Canadian National Committee for Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID) / Comité national canadien de l'irrigation et du drainage (CNCID)
Canadian Association of Diploma in Agriculture Programs (CADAP)
Ex-officio Board of Directors Member - Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council (CAHRC) / Conseil canadien pour les ressources humaines en agriculture (CCRHA)


FMT4 002 Soil Tillage 1.67 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

FMT4 020 Conservation of Soil and Water 2 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

FMT4 024 Farm Building Development 1.67 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

Research interests

Agricultural Non-Point Source (NPS) pollution is an exceptionally complex problem.  Understanding the mechanics involved in NPS pollution dynamics requires an accurate evaluation of water and pollutant pathways at the field and watershed scale.  However, resolving these problems requires engaged agricultural producers who can recognize problems on their farms, identify cost effective solutions to fix those problems, and implement those solutions in a very competitive and complex environment.  To do this, producers need strong management and technical skills, and they need knowledge about pollution pathways and dynamics for their geographic situation. 

My research was focused on designing, installing and operating field monitoring systems to collect data on water, sediment, nutrient and pesticide movement at the field and watershed scale.   My teaching in the FMT Program has focused on developing the analytical skills that future farm managers will need, both to manage their business and address water quality issues.


Shadi Dayyani, Shiv O. Prasher, Ali Madani, Chandra A. Madramootoo and Peter Enright. (2013). "Evaluation of WARMF model for flow and nitrogen transport in an agricultural watershed under a cold climate."  Water Quality Research Journal of Canada.

Dayyani, S., C. A. Madramootoo, P. Enright, G. Simard, A. Gullamudi, S. O. Prasher, and A. Madani. "Field Evaluation of DRAINMOD 5.1 Under a Cold Climate: Simulation of Daily Midspan Water Table Depths and Drain Outflows." Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2009): 779-792.

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Gollamudi, A., C.A. Madramootoo and P. Enright.  2007. "Water quality modeling of two agricultural fields in southern Quebec using SWAT."  Transactions of ASABE 50(6):1973-1980.

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Coggan, C., R. Larson, P. Enright and R. Sengupta.  2005.  Application of SWAT to assess water quality improvements resulting from buffer strips. Presented at the XIIth World Water Congress of the IWRA.  22-25 November 2005 at New Delhi, India. International Water Resources Association, Carbondale, Illinois, USA (unpaged CD ROM).

Sarangi, A., C.A. Madramootoo, P. Enright, and H. Chandrasekharan. 2005. "Prediction of spatial variability of phosphorous over the St-Esprit watershed."  Water, Air and Soil Pollution (2005) 168:267-288.

Enright, P. and C.A. Madramootoo.  2004.  "Phosphorus losses in surface runoff and subsurface drainage waters on two agricultural fields in Quebec."  p 160-170. In R.A. Cooke (ed.)  Drainage VIII -  Proceedings of the Eighth International Drainage Symposium,  Sacramento, California.  March 21-24, 2004.  Published by ASAE - St. Joseph, MI.

Enright, P., and C.A. Madramootoo.  2004. Monitoring water quality on agricultural fields and small watersheds in Quebec - an overview of four projects.  Presented at the International Instrumented Watershed Symposium 2004, June 22-25, 2004, Edmonton, Alberta.  Hosted by the Oil Sands Environmental Research network (OSERN).

Enright, P., and C.A. Madramootoo.   2003.   Phosphorus transport in surface and tile-drain runoff on two agricultural fields in Southwestern Quebec.   Presented at the CSAE Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec,  July 6-9, 2003. CSAE Paper #03-110.

Yang, C.C., S.O. Prasher, P. Enright, C.A. Madramootoo, M. Burgess, P.K. Goel and I. Callum. 2003.  "Application of decision tree technology for image classification using remote sensing data."  Agricultural Systems, 76:1101-1117.

Romero, D., C.A. Madramootoo and P. Enright. 2002. "Modelling the hydrology of an agricultural watershed in Quebec using SLURP."  Canadian Biosystems Engineering, 44:1.11-1.20.


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