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Cause-and-effect approach could help machines become better learners

Published: 15Jul2020

For human beings, the ability to generalize – to extract broad principles from our experiences of the world and use these principles to help us make decisions in new situations – is an essential...

Let’s face the facts: To ensure our digital rights, we must hit pause on facial-recognition technology | The Globe and Mail

Published: 20Feb2020

February 14, 2020 |Rapid advances in facial-recognition technology have the potential for vast social consequences. In response to the scale and speed of these developments and the clear potential...

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinic

Published: 7Feb2020

The power of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine lies in its ability to find important statistical patterns in large datasets. A study published today is an important proof of concept for how...

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinic

Published: 30Jan2020

Open source app helps predict brain tumour malignancy and patient survival ...

AI-analyzed blood test can predict the progression of neurodegenerative disease

Published: 28Jan2020

New technique could be used to choose best therapies for patients and measure their effectiveness...


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