Global Ransomware Attack - WannaCry


An unprecedented cyber-attack, named WannaCry, began targeting Microsoft Windows users worldwide on Friday, May 12th, 2017. WannaCry is a type of malware called “ransomware”, which works by encrypting all files on a user’s computer and network drives, and holds information hostage in an attempt to extort money for its release.

All computers managed by IT Services should be protected against WannaCry with a patch that was installed in March during the last Windows update. However, if computers have not been rebooted since March, the patch may not yet have taken effect. Therefore, IT Services is urging users to reboot their computers if they have not done so since March, and to continue to do so on a regular basis.

For non-ITS managed computers: users should verify with their LAN admins on the steps that need to be taken.

For personal computers:

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If you receive any suspicious emails, please inform the IT Service Desk immediately.